Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at the homes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton today as they practice for the big debate tomorrow? Whose wall would you want to stick to while observing the acts in practice? For a circus-like venue your best bet will probably be at Hill's place as she is gearing up to meet her political rival face to face tomorrow night with an arsenal of bizarre ideas.

Hillary prepping with several Donald Trumps

From what Fox News has said this week, Hillary is practicing to debate several different Trumps, like the Trump who will shoot insults her way, or the Trump who will demand some answers around her emails, and the list goes on! She's also had a psychological workup done on Trump looking for his Achilles heel!

Planted living prop -- Mark Cuban!

Let's face it, an attempt to rattle Donald Trump will be no easy feat, so Hillary will do what she thinks she needs to do for psyching up her opponent. Apparently that is where Mark Cuban comes in.

Here is a man who makes no secret of the fact he loves to rattle Trump and Hillary's camp is planting him in the audience -- front and center.  They are making sure that Trump can see all his facial grimaces, sly smiles, and even hear his chuckling. According to CNN News, Trump has a card up his sleeve in retaliation for Cuban being planted in the audience -- and that is Bill Clinton's ex lover...Gennifer Flowers.

After hearing Hillary's thought on placing the human prop of Mark Cuban, Trump threatened to bring Gennifer Flowers into the debate and place her front and center for Hillary to stare at. Trump taunted that he just might do this in a tweet. He was basically attempting to say, two can play at this game.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Trump's campaign manager was on Fox News Sunday and she explained what Trump meant in that Flowers tweet.

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She said he could basically do the same thing, but is this what you want for this debate? Kellyanne Conway conveyed to Fox News that If they are trying to get into the head of Trump, then he certainly has some folks that he could invite to do the same to Hillary. Gennifer Flowers posted a tweet to say she would be there, but Trump's campaign manager said they didn't formally extend an invitation to Flowers. The ex-mistress of Bill Clinton did post a tweet to Trump saying "you know I am in your corner" and she told "Donald," she will be there.

Boxing bout

Fox News is equating this to "throwing trash" on the eve of a boxing event. So will Cuban the heckler show up and will Bill Clinton's past mistress get Hillary's gander up? Oh, what a night of TV viewing the nation has coming their way!

Historic audience numbers on Monday night?

It doesn't take a crystal ball to know that tomorrow night's presidential debate will be the most watched debate in history. While some are comparing the audience around the nation to be similar to the days of the John F. Kennedy presidential debates, it will surpass that debate era by far in viewers.

More folks will be watching if not for anything else, but for the viewing technology that's available today, which wasn't even imagined in the 1960s. Everyone has access to a televised version of the debate. Couple the technology that's available today with the fact that we as a nation have grown in population, tomorrow night's debate will rocket in numbers compared to the days of the JFK audience!