The first #Presidential debate between Democrat nominee #Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee #Donald Trump next Monday the 26th of September will be watched by more than just the American voters. Around the world, media, leaders, allies, and enemies will be watching (possibly rooting) for which ever candidate will be the best President for them, some may even voice support between now and when the debate takes place.

The United States gives billions to other nations in the way of financial aid, food aid, and what seems to be much too often military aid. The world depends on the President of the United States to be someone they can trust to do what needs to be done to help keep the world we all inhabit safe.

Somewhere right now someone is fighting over something, and in many cases someone is dying needlessly.

Most important debate ever?

This debate may be the most important Presidential Debate since John F. Kennedy made Richard Nixon look so bad in 1960. Kennedy went onto win the White House after that debate and showed great restraint as the Cold-War began. For this reason I think we need to add a few things to this debate in order to really find out who is the candidate that cares about the United States and the world more than themselves.

The first thing I would include would be a scoreboard behind each candidate.

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Each scoreboard would keep track of three things. The first would be straight-out lies, then second would be true but exaggerated facts, and the third would be how many times the candidate attacks the other instead of just answering the question. Pretty simple, really, and the world would instantly know when the numbers changed.

No need for the media to rehash

Gone would be the hours on so-called experts rehashing, and analyzing, and spinning the results to fit the agenda they deny exists in the mainstream media, but we all know it really does. The candidates would not need to attack each other like we know they will with these scoreboards in place, because the truth would be displayed in big red numbers right behind them. The moderator would no longer matter, but the truth would.

With technology able to send a probe to mars, connect people thousands of miles away in seconds, along with all the other amazing things technology can do this too is possible. Computers could fact-check in real-time on just about every statement made.

People who are experts in body language, voice stress levels, and every other profession having to do with recognizing untruths could assist, but in the end the people could see who was the most honest with their answers.

Let the people decide the winner

Voting lines could be next much like the way television shows like "The Voice" let people vote. There could be three of them actually, one each for Clinton and Trump with the third for neither. This would allow the voters to actually see what the levels of support are for each candidate without having to rely on polling from the media for that information.

Treadmills would be good also. Both candidates could walk at a slow but steady pace during the entire debate. Very quickly we would know if Clinton is really sick, and it would be obvious to everyone if Trump is really obese. These are just a few thoughts on what we could do with the debate, or we could just watch football instead.