#Hillary Clinton has demonstrated some odd behavior in the past and she did this once again during her debate with #Donald Trump at the #Presidential debate Monday night. When the debate was over and she was still on stage, she spotted someone in the audience who she was apparently happy to see. This is when she started with that strange tiny clapping that she does with her arms and hands moving similar to a child who is enthusiastically involved in the hand-clapping Patty Cake game.

Tiny claps missing the 'goody-goody' dialogue

She shuffled over to the edge of the stage, in a movement reminiscent of someone elderly and being cautious of their steps.

Hillary did this while in full-swing with her tiny clapping and grabbed onto someone with a very exaggerated smile, as if to say hello. Patty-Cake might not be the best way to describe this clap, it is probably more reminiscent of a toddler who is so enthused that they break into their goody-goody clapping mode.

It is also a clap some might recognize from an elderly grandparent in their life with restricted movement. They use this tiny clapping as their way of showing enthusiasm for a surprise visit or some other good news. Both toddlers and the elderly seem to demonstrate this tiny clapping more than the rest of the population. Some call the movement 'clappy hands,' when a toddler demonstrates this mode of enthusiasm.

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Hillary breaks into her strange mode on stage

You can see this tiny clapping mode of Hillary's in the video below. Hillary starts this strange behavior around the 1:40:18 mark in this video of last night's presidential debate.

It is all through the debate that she has that exaggerated smile on her face and she demonstrated an arrogant demeanor when things came up, like her emails, that she should have been accountable for. One of Donald Trump's best zingers was to repeatedly ask Hillary why she didn't do all the things she is now promising to do in the last 30 years while she was in politics. According to Politico News, Trump exaggerated Hillary having been in national policy.

Most folks know this, but she's had a hand in it in the last decade and even if the 30 year mark quoted by Trump is a bit of stretch, she's had plenty of time to come up with some solutions for the problems still plaguing the U.S. today. Trump wanted to know why she has decided to fix them now. Other than that fixed grin and an arrogant toss of her head, she wouldn't give an answer.