Even if you had no plans to cast your vote for #Hillary Clinton, you have to admit she has done what no woman before her has accomplished... she has come this far in a bid for the White House. But just when you thought she's about to shatter that #Glass Ceiling, she bounces off of it like a rubber ball set free on a tennis court! Any pride she offered up to the female population as a woman fighting to take the top spot in the U.S. government, became very diluted last night during the presidential debate. 

Hillary jumps on Bill's coat tails when going gets rough!

Donald Trump had nothing to do with Hillary knocking herself down to the point where you sat there and wondered -- is Hillary Clinton running for president or is Bill Clinton's wife bidding for the top spot? When she was reprimanded by Trump for not solving the problems during her time in politics that all of a sudden she thinks she can solve now, she buckled.

She put on that cat that ate the canary grin and proudly trotted out that her husband did pretty good while in office. 

Glass ceiling still very much intact today

Jaws dropped around the nation's living rooms when the woman who plans to smash the glass ceiling and who prides herself on leading the pack of women into top tier politics suddenly hopped on her husband's coat tails. This was a serious blunder on her part because she needed to do this journey as her own entity and not because she was once married to a president. As CNN News reports, Hillary Clinton said "I think my husband did a pretty good job in the 1990s."  

But whether he did or not, this had no place in the presidential debate. If we want to know what Bill Clinton's time in the White House consisted of, we can look to the history books.

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What is more important here is what Hlllary is planning to do. What Donald Trump was asking -- why hasn't she fixed the things that she claims she will fix as president when given a chance to do so as Secretary of State and Senator of New York?

Quartz News reports how Hillary Clinton quipped that she put a crack in the glass ceiling after last night's debates. Some might say just when they thought it was going to crack, it was fixed when she used her husband's name. What was she thinking?

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill?

It was rather sad to see her grasp at Bill Clinton's reputation when she couldn't defend her own. As Fox News reports today, Hillary just can't have it both ways. She can't boast about being the first woman in history to get this far in politics and pride herself on doing this on her own merit, but yet turn around and use Bill's accomplishments as if they were part of her. Is a vote for Hillary really a vote for Bill Clinton?