Hillary Clinton often bashes the ethics used by Donald Trump to amass his empire, but you can probably say without fact checking that he has never charged a child any money to ask him a question. Call it what you will, but it looks as if Hillary is fleecing rich parents by charging them $2,700 for each kid who wants to ask her a question at her fundraiser!

Fleecing the rich?

According to Fox and Friends Weekend on Sunday morning, Hillary is wooing the rich and famous these days with fundraisers orchestrated for only the elite. At these fundraisers where Hillary is among only the wealthy she actually takes questions from kids under the age of 16, but charges the parents of the child $2,700 so they can make their generic inquiry.

Little Suzy can get up and ask Hillary if she has a preference for green beans over tomatoes, as long as mom and dad are at the ready with the check book.

Rich kids can ask, but not the poor?

She is currently staying with her husband Bill at Steven Spielberg'sguest house in the Hamptons, according to Fox live today. They traditionally vacation in the Hamptons every year, but on their own dime. This year they are guests of the very rich and very famous Spielberg. It was at one of the New York fundraisers where the $2,700 questions were awarded to children of the wealthy.

Picture with Hillary only $10K!

The Las Vegas Sun reports that $2700 was the going price for kids to ask the Democratic presidential candidate a question at Hillary's fundraiser at a Sag Harbor, New York, estate.

The affair was held at the home of Adam Sender, who is a hedge fund magnate. The children who were allowed this privilege were attending the fundraiser with their parents. At this same fundraiser, you could have Hillary pose with a picture of your family for a cool $10,000.

Average family, average kid... out of luck!

What if little Johnny, who is 12 and from a rural town in Maine, wants to know if Hillary Clinton will do anything to help the fishermen in his state, or Little 8-year-old Sally, whose mom waits tables, is interested in asking Hillary if she will do anything for abandoned animals?

They might want to ask theDemocratic candidate their questions, but neither Johnny or Sally's parents can afford the almost $3,000 so are they out of luck? She is not available to the "little people" of this country during her campaign, so what do American voters expect from her if she wins?

Only those with deep pockets have access to Hillary?

It seems that the folks who have access to Hillary during her campaigning are the people with deep pockets. On the other hand Trumpis raising his campaign money from the average Joe out there. The contributions to his campaign average about $69 per person, but in July he racked up $35.8 million from those small donations, according to Politico.

Trump's campaign rallies are filled with the people who come from all walks of life and who make up the majority of this country.

In Trump's audience you see the farmers and factory workers, the waitresses and the fishermen! You don't need to be wealthy to be in the Trump audience. Hillary has not held a news conference in 274 days as of Sunday, according to Fox and Friends Weekend, so she's not even available to the public through the media!

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