Democratic Party presidential nominee #Hillary Clinton described #Donald Trump's "diplomatic" trip to Mexico to meet with #President Enrique P. Nieto as "unfortunate." Clinton did not hesitate at all when pointing out that Trump was a "rookie" at negotiations with foreign leaders, and does not know to conduct diplomacy. Clinton also stated that Trump did not accurately characterize his meeting with Nieto after returning to the United States.

The truth of the matter

After his meeting with Nieto and upon returning to the United States, Trump stated that the question as to who would pay for the wall between the United States and Mexico was not discussed at all.

The truth of the matter, according to a tweet by Nieto, is that from the outset, Nieto made it clear to Trump that Mexico was not going to pay for the wall.

It appears that either Trump did not hear Nieto when he stated that Mexico was not paying for the wall, or that Trump did hear Nieto but chose to lie about it to American audiences. It seems apparent to this observer that the latter is the case, especially considering that to date, Trump has shown no signs of having hearing difficulties.

All tongue-tied

Clinton described Trump as not knowing how to communicate with foreign leaders. This appears to be the case, as he seemingly "melted down" when confronted with Nieto "face to face." It appears that Trump is all "tongue-tied" when dealing directly with foreign heads of state, but talks "tough" about foreign leaders when he is back on American soil.

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This scenario causes one to remember the street corner bully who talked tough about beating up another kid, but then froze when the kid came around the corner to accept his challenge. It seems to this observer that the message to Trump ought to be as follows: Nieto already has called your bluff and exposed you as a coward.  It is abundantly obvious now to everyone except Trump and his declining supporters, that Mexico is not paying for the wall, and the wall is not being built.

HIspanic supporters scatter

In the wake of Trump's failed diplomatic trip to Mexico and his "misstatements" about his meeting with Nieto, Trump's Hispanic supporters are abandoning him right and left. And the situation is further exasperated by Trump's continual claims that Mexico is "going to pay for the wall" even after Nieto's repeated denials of such on social media. At this point, Trump's wall has about as much chance of being constructed as does a ski lodge in Mississippi. With every move that Trump makes to look "proactive," his poll numbers are plummeting further and further. Perhaps to save his dignity if for no other reason, "the Donald" should "give it up" now. As with the street corner bully, redemption does not begin until he takes off the boxing glove and admits that he has failed. One glove at a time, Donald.