Despite what a majority of polls are saying following last night's presidential debate, #Donald Trump tweets that he did great in the polls. Typical Trump denial.

Unbeknownst to the Donald, there are several things viewers probably caught even if he did not. For example, his talking over moderator Lester Holt and opponent #Hillary Clinton did not go unnoticed. Frank Luntz's focus group used words such as "disaster" and "rude" to describe the GOP nominee's performance. There are still some people out there who do not find whining, blaming and childish behavior attractive nor befitting for a U.S. President. Trump practically ranted, raved and scream about how he had such a great temperament as echoes of laughter could be heard in the audience.

Trump told Fox news that Lester Holt asked unfair questions. News flash – fairness does not mean everything goes to our liking.

Trump complained to reporters in the spin room that he had a defective mic and wondered if that was done on purpose. No, America heard you loud and clearly, Mr. Trump. The New York businessman pouted over Hillary's treatment of him with her negative ads. As nasty as campaign ads are, they are nothing new. He spent a buck here and there on ads himself. Did he really think no one should have ads coming out against in a presidential race? 

Voters beware

By now, we are used to Trump's reluctance to release his tax returns. Hopefully, no one believes his stipulations set forth last night. He knows we will not see Hillary's gone-but-not-forgotten emails.

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Hence, we will not see his tax returns. It probably wasn't lost on anyone either when Holt asked if Trump had anything to say in regards to African Americans who might be offended by his birtherism comments. Trump replied he had nothing to say. In fact, he seemed to insinuated he should be thanked for forcing the President of the United States produce his birth certificate in the first place. Okay, then let us see your taxes. What do you have to lose? Did viewers catch it when he said "his not paying federal taxes was a smart play?" So we must assume taking other people's money or as Trump coins it, "OPM” is a smart play. You have to ask yourself, why would Trump taking money from charities, bankruptcy schemes, nonpayment for work, etc., sound so far-fetched? Nice shout out to his hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue too.

Those bad, bad Clintons

Poor sick, coughing Hillary got hit on her stamina as Donald sniffled, snorted and took frequent sips of water. But then she challenged him to constantly travel the globe dealing with other countries and sit before a committee for hours.

Touche! Finally, remember when Trump scolded Megyn Kelly for really embarrassing him during the primaries, noting how nice he treated her? Who can forget the attacks he unleashed immediately afterwards which lasted for months. Kelly took the high road. The next debate is scheduled for October 9th and rest assured the “Babe Ruth of debates” will retaliate by bring whatever mistresses, ghosts and goblins he can find in the Clinton's closet. He who casts the first stone... #Election 2016