#Donald Trump knows the United States of America was based on an ideology of freedom and happiness, and it has worked since 1776. There have been times where it could have worked better, faster, easier, and if freedom and happiness were based on those things, it might have. Most Americans just want to be left alone to live their life, they don’t stay engaged with politics as long as those things don’t affect them adversely.

People must be engaged

The truth is a government like ours will only work when the people are engaged. Health Care, Child Care, Elderly Care, and Veteran Care are all broken, and voters have watched as the decay from bad policies from Washington have eroded the foundation's necessities.

We as a society have become so disengaged that 42% of the 114th Congress has been in Washington more than 8 years, with more than half of those being there 16 years or more. How can someone who has been out of your everyday world for that many years have any understanding of what you need? One Congressman from Michigan has been in Washington for over 57 years, and we keep sending them back.

The costs keep going up

The Affordable Healthcare Act punished the working class and self-employed with higher premiums, higher deductibles, and denied coverage in an attempt to insure those without insurance to begin with. When the true figures come out someday we will all see it did exactly the opposite of what was intended by driving many away from insurance when they needed it most.

Child-Care is so expensive in some areas it is a bigger cost than a mortgage, and that will only delay or prevent people from ever realizing the dream of owning a home.

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Mortgage interest is fully tax deductible while childcare is not. Allowing parents a 100% tax deduction would allow some parents the opportunity to provide supervision for after-school kids instead of being home alone. We have all seen where that takes us, and the results are not good for the child or society in most cases.

Elderly Care & Veteran Care lacking

Elderly Care is much like child care, the cost is so high it becomes prohibitive until it is too late. Those who came before us deserve better. They worked their entire life contributing, sacrificing, and helping build a country, and in return they should have quality care. Many families cannot afford constant care for those who need it, so they just make do with whatever they can provide. We can and should do better.

Veteran Care is a shambles. Those who step up and fight for our rights and freedoms should come home to the best care available. This care should be without waiting and available to each and every one of these brave patriots.

Not one of these people should ever go to bed again without the confidence that the rest of us will care for their needs as they did ours when they were willing to die for our country.

All our cares are broken in dire need of repair, and come November we have the opportunity to do something about this. Hillary Clinton has been in Washington for 30 years, she is part to blame for getting us where we are. We should send her home by electing Donald Trump as President. We should then turn our attention to sending new faces with fresh voices to Congress and do new things for new times that they can relate too.

The same old people doing the same old thing is resulting in the same failed policies. The working class, the sick, children, elderly people, Veterans, and young working couples are footing the bill. Congress like any other business needs new blood, and make no mistake, Congress, along with Washington is big business. We, the voters are the stockholders, and we need a new management team.

#Election 2016