Dr. Jill Stein thinks #Donald Trump may have a “memory problem.” Is that really code for something else? Recently, #Green Party candidate Jill Stein sat down for a podcast interview for "Off Message." The medical internist has diagnosed thousands of patients and did not mince words when asked to give her assessment of Donald Trump's health. The GOP nominee's personal physician, Harold Bornstein, came under a slew of mockery for his absurd "healthiest individual ever elected to presidency" statement. 

Stein did say she believes Trump does have cognitive, emotional, physical and mental problems, even though she admits that a TV diagnosis can be inaccurate. This will surely spark a Twitter take-down by Trump.

He will probably begin by blasting her low polling averages after calling her a loser. The good-doctor-turned-presidential-candidate also commented on how Trump often changes his mind about policies and ideas from one hour to the next. Stein would not be surprised if the whole Obama "birther" nonsense became an issue for the Donald again. In her opinion, Trump is incapable of maintaining a consistent policy or thought. By the way, this is not Stein’s first political rodeo. She ran for Massachusetts governor twice, in 2002 and 2010.

Russia, mobs and shadowy figures.

Stein dismissed the Russian rumors surrounding the U.S. presidential election by saying that she does not think Russia is behind the DNC email hacks. According to Stein, no real hard evidence has been produced and there is no proof of Putin trying to sway favor Trump's way.

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However, she did feel needlessly provoking Putin could result in a sort of "Cuban Missile Crisis on steroids" type situation. The 66-year-old Harvard graduate thinks Trump is like a "magnet for crime and extortion" and also wants to see his tax returns, 

What many, many other people are saying.

Of course, Stein does not stand alone in her observations and conclusions of Trump's behavior. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates labeled Trump as “beyond repair” in a recently written op-ed for the "Wall Street Journal." Naturally, Trump retaliated by tweeting that Gates probably has issues we don't know about and called him a clown. It's funny how projectors often tell on themselves by implying something about others that usually pertains to them. It's things like these that make you go, hmm. #Election 2016