Our “elected” officials have returned after languishing in their mansions for seven weeks of rest and relaxation after failing to pass a budget or critical legislation. During their short congressional session the special interests are calling in their chits. There is some deadly, special interest funding to pass before they are adjourned leaving for their preordained reelection.

Genetically engineered Zika morbidity and mortality

According to Natural News, blaming Zika as the cause of brain deformations is a Hoax, the true culprit is the larvicide chemical that is linked to Monsanto. Without the knowledge or consent of the American people, the British chemical company Oxitec was allowed to release genetically engineered mosquitoes into the Florida Keys to “combat” the spread of Zika.

But a group of doctors from South America have discovered the brain deformations the world is witnessing in Brazil were caused by a chemical larvicide that was sprayed to kill the genetically engineered mosquitoes, not the mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

Now the CDC has unveiled their plan for forced vaccinations and quarantines across the US along with mass aerial spraying of populations. The chemical Naled has been banned by the European Union and in many parts of the world. The chemical contaminates the water supply and kills anything it comes in contact with. Congress is set to pass legislation to fund more vaccines, chemical sprays, and research under the guise of fighting Zika.

Protect W. Bush Administration and Saudi Arabia from 911 accountability

The Wall Street Journal is appealing the GOP controlled house to block the passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act or JASTA. The legislation that was already passed by the Senate has been held up by Paul Ryan in the House.

The law would allow families of 911 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for their role in the 911 attacks. Senior Bush officials are terrified that if the families are allowed to sue, they will be entitled to “discovery” and that would open them up to culpability for their roles. The 911 families are demanding Speaker Ryan bring the legislation up for a vote in the House but with Ryan’s reelection a sure bet, he’s more likely to protect the Bush cabal.

Interstate Crosscheck voter purge

Twenty-eight states have adopted the GOP’s interstate crosscheck system to combat non-existent voter fraud for the November election. Rolling Stone magazine, in an effort to report on the program contacted every state to obtain their crosscheck list. Because voting twice is a felony, RS was told the lists of suspects were part of a criminal investigation and thus confidential. Lists that RS was able to obtain showed more than a million names were flagged as having voted in more than one state.

People vs. special interests

Whose interests will the GOP-controlled congress promote in their lame duck session? Will it be Saudi Arabia and the Bush cabal? Will it be the citizens of the US, or will it be Monsanto?

If Ryan’s past budgets are an indication it will be another deadly agenda of poison, injustice, and corruption.

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