Geraldo Rivera jumped to the defense of Roger Ailes as the women of Fox News told their stories both in and out of court documents about the sexual abuse they suffered via Ailes. Rivera especially ripped into Andrea Tantaros calling her "vindictive" and labeling some of the claims that she made as "crap." He actually sounded like a bully and accused Tantaros of wanting to damage reputations. He was more than harsh with the lambasting he offered the former Outnumbered host.

Ignores Andrea Tantaros?

In a Facebook postThursday Geraldo penned a lengthy apology for supportingAilesand this apology goes out to Gretchen Carlson and all the other women who have made claims of sexual abuse atFox News.

Carlson is the only one that Geraldo offers up by name. He completely left out the name of Andrea Tantaros. She isthe one woman he so harshly lambasted by name to the point it sounded more like bullying than anything else.

Apology reads like biography of hero

In a good portion of this long and drawn-out spew Geraldo is patting himself on the back by going through what he apparently sees as sacrifices he has made to do his job at Fox. "I left the comfortable confines of CNBC to rejoin him [Ailes] at Foxas senior war correspondent." He goes on to say that he covered the "bloody battlefields" of Afghanistan and Iraq for a total of 22 times. He knew at the time that Ailes was there for his family if "anything befell" him in the field.

What does this have to do with the price of doughnuts?

What does that have to do with the price of doughnuts?

Another quip that the folks commenting on Geraldo's apology are finding rather hilarious is that he offers up that he is personally paying the price for supporting Ailes. That comes via his book not getting published.

After coming to the defense of Ailes, the publishers declined to publish his new book. He has learned that it is directly due to his support of Ailes along with how he glorifies the former Fox CEO in his book that his publisher has turned his book down. Really... this is Geraldo paying the price?

Geraldo Rivera sacrifices?

Geraldo's so-called apology reads like an introduction to someone he sees as a great reporter who has sacrificed much in life to bring you the news from war-torn zones. That great reporter would be none other than... himself.Geraldo went afterAndrea Tantarosby name in a mode that resembled an attack dog out for blood. People had a lot to say to Rivera in the comment section that follows his Facebook "apology" to the women of Fox News. The majority of those comments knocked him down to sizeif that is even possible.

He is accused of being so out of touch and many don't see him as sincere with this apology. He has three daughters of his own, so how would he feel if those same words that he said about Andrea Tantaros were said about one of his girls?He ends his apology as if he is now an advocate for reporting sexual harassment, wow... talk about a quick switch!

Words of a bully

What he should have said by Geraldo is; If you are a victim of sexual abuse, even though there are bullies who are ready to pounce on you and call you "vindictive" and accuse you of attempting to "ruin reputations," don't be afraid to come forth. Those bullies are just playing both sides of the fence to protect themselves!

Geraldo Rivera offered a personal "apology" to one other person other than Carlson by name.

He is not part of the Fox family, but he had a hand in bringing the culture at Foxto the surface, as the Huffington Post notes. That would beNew York Magazine writer, Gabriel Sherman, who was the reporter who broke most of this story.

Again, the woman he had the most vicious and deplorable words for, Andrea Tantaros, was not mentioned in his apology by name. He can say she's included because he mentions how this apology is for all the women at Fox who came forth with allegations. But she was mentioned by name in a degrading spew by Rivera, she should be mentioned by name in his apology.

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