The American #military will take a long time to get over the embarrassment of a senior general tasked to work on a sensitive appointment being a security risk. The concerned Major General David Haight cannot himself be sure that he did not unwittingly compromise security. The Russians who keep an eye on all such senior officers could not have been unaware of the activities of Haight as a promiscuous officer who put personal pleasure above the call of duty.

Embarrasment and General Haight

The actions of general Haight are not just a cause for embarrassment to the military but seriously show that selection procedures and screening for appointments failed completely.

The fact that during the 11 years of leading a double life he was promoted thrice and then given a sensitive appointment in EUCOM does not speak highly of the internal checks and balances. Officers are supposed to be screened to ensure they are not a security risk. 

In this case, the procedures failed and Haight continued with his paramour a life of swap and group sex and swingers clubs. He was also cleared to head a sensitive appointment that concerned Russian actions in Europe. The world of espionage is tinged with blackmail and any enemy intelligence searches for people who have something to hide. It does look likely that the Russians may have kept tabs on Haight. No army can admit that it's secrets are compromised. Thus just stating that security screening procedures failed is not enough.

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Another fact that the IG only acted once he got an anonymous complaint shows that surveillance and screening left a lot to be desired. To carry on a double life for over a decade undetected and bagging 3 promotions will worry the military.

Way forward

Probably if such a case had occurred in the Russian or Chinese army, the result may have been a court martial. But in an open society like America, this cannot happen, but the repercussions on the morale of the common soldier can only be negative. The army must look at itself in the mirror to ensure such incidents don't recur. The army is seized of this problem and Haight demoted and removed from command, but is it enough?Maybe the #Government needs to step in.