A Fox poll on Monday and then a CNN poll on Tuesday confirm that the race between Hillary Clinton an Donald Trump is a close one. Interestingly, when the dark horse candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are included in the mix Clinton still holds the advantage but she loses some of that advantage over Trump.

The Real Clear Politics average (an averge of the nine most popular polls) in a contest between Clinton and Trump shows Clinton with a slight (3.3%) advantage over Trump. When Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) and Jill Stein (Green Party) are added to the mix  Clinton's 3.3% advantage over Trump drops to 2.4%. Most of that is due to Gary Johnson who is polling at an averge of 8.4% (to Stein's 3%).

Would a vote for Johnson or Stein in November be a wasted vote?

Voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein in November would not be a wasted vote! In a Democracy, you only waste your vote if you stay home and not vote. Granted, unless something catastrophic happens in either Clinton's or Trump's campaign in the next month or so, neither of the dark horse candidates have much chance (pessimistically, not even the slightest chance) of becoming president in November. A strong turnout for either Johnson or Stein, however, would certainly send a powerful message, not only to the media and political pundits, but also to the people like me who feel like their true voice is not being heard. Yes, people like me!

My Libertarian philosophy

To me, the #Libertarian Party is a philosophical home. Pushing for small government; encouraging free markets; stopping our involvement in foreign skirmishes, except in defense of our allies; never neglecting America's foreign interests or underestimating our enemies; and fostering a belief that the federal government and its agencies should not have a final vote on social issues like marriage and abortion, unless specific issues contradict the U.S.

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Constitution. Last I heard, this is still a Republic and social matters like these belong solely to the individual states. Those are my Libertarian keystones.

The marijuana question

How about the Libertarian cry for the decriminalization of marijuana? I'm not a big fan but, again, that decision belongs to the individual states; and now that Colorado has volunteered to be the 'test dummy' let's see how much damage is done when it hits the wall.

Johnson is wrong on immigration

The one issue where the Libertarian Party and I are most at odds is immigration. Trump's current stand on Immigration is fine, and the self-deportation programs promoted by previous candidates (simply enforce the laws against hiring undocumented workers and assure that only citizens can benefit from welfare and unemployment benefits) are even better. Sounds cruel? Well how cruel is it to force American citizens to grovel for low-paying jobs or have their promised government benefits reduced due to the additional strain on state budgets caused by benefit giveaways to people who have not legally participated in our economy?

My vote

I have not even considered changing my position that a Hillary Clinton presidency would truly be a Constitutional and National Defense disaster for America. If there was someone less dangerous than Clinton running on the Democratic ticket I might even vote for Gary Johnson and William Weld in November.

Barring a disaster, however, November will be a simple binary choice between Clinton and Trump. My vote will be for Trump! #Election 2016