Recent polls have shown Clinton slightly behind Trump   

"Jeff Koinange Live" (JKL) a sizeably huge biweekly show that airs on "Kenya Television Network" (KTN) on Wednesday and Thursday nights, hosted the outspoken and probably the longest serving trade unionist in Africa, Francis Atwoli on September 20, 2016. During the show, Francis Atwoli who rates himself as the third most influential leader in Kenya after President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Amolo Odinga referred to a shirt he was wearing as a “Donald Trump shirt

The Central Organization of Trade Unions (CoTU) Secretary General anchored his prediction that the Republican Presidential nominee stands a higher chance of winning the race to Whitehouse in the November 2016 America elections on recent polls that has been showing Trump closing in on his rival the Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

An article by Jennifer Angiesta, "CNN" Polling Director, published on September 7, 2016 which describes the race to White as “a near even race” indicates that Trump was at the time of going to press leading the race by 2 points at 45%, ahead of Hillary Clinton’s 43% and the Libertarian Gary Johnson’s 7%.

Francis Atwoli believes that Donald Trump already appeals to “40 percent" of a population which resonates with the identity he has projected during the campaigns and what the Republican nominee is currently battling for is a 15% which is likely to determine the outcome of the November’s race to Whitehouse.

The trade unionist opined that going by the present context America is would be easily influenced to vote for a more assertive rather than a diplomatic president.

Francis Atwoli Not Interested in Elective Political Positions, but Wants Third Wife

Meanwhile, the trade unionist who is known for his signature expensive golden rings, wristwatch, bracelets, chains and for owning a unique vehicle mentioned during the live show that he is searching for a third wife.

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Mr. Atwoli – a father of 15 said the population of women largely outweighs that of men and encouraged men to consider marrying three wives to accommodate the difference. He cemented his quest for a third wife with an invitation to people to do a simple spot check in schools around Kenya where they can see for themselves that girls constitute nearly 65% of the population.

On national politics in Kenya, Atwoli tactfully resisted the bait placed before him to mention the person he thinks would win the presidential ticket in August.

2017 elections saying it was still early to predict a winner considering that realignments in the country’s political arena are likely to be evident in the coming days. Leading contenders in the August elections 2017 are the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta who will be seeking re-election on a recently unveiled Jubilee Party and the opposition leader Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement.

The trade unionist stated that he is not interested in any elective political position in the country pointing out that he has over the years outgrown the available political slots and that he would rather invest his time and resources towards nurturing upcoming political leaders. He disclosed that he has invested $15000 (KSH 1500000) for a study to identify the most influential person from his Western Kenya backyard who can be entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading the region’s political interests at the national level.

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