1. President Obama controls the weather

In 2012, the year most famously known as the end-of-the-world year where nothing really happened (apart from the titular movie with monster meteorites falling from sky causing an apocalypse in the process that came out), when Hurricane Sandy caused billions of destruction and killed hundreds of people the catastrophe was blamed on the President of the United States Barack #Obama.

Yes, you've read that correct. It is rumored that the Mr. Obama through his wizardry had managed to conjure up a tempest, a climate change that turned into Hurricane Sandy.  

2. Flight MH370 was plucked from the sky

Malaysia Airline MH370 disappeared into thin air on March 8, 2014.

There is still no sign of the mystical plane that vanished with all 239 people on board. Conspiracy theorists claim that the airliner disappeared because it was literally plucked from the sky by some invisible force. 

The Sun has reported that many conspiracy theorists like Mike Adams claim the plane disappeared because it was removed from the sky by a new force that can make things disappear. In a statement, Mike Adams, who runs a Natural News site, said, "If there does exist such a weapon with such capabilities, whoever controls it already has the ability to control all of Earth's nations with a fearsome military weapon of unimaginable power."  

3. The aliens caused Space X rocket explosion. 

Space X Falcon 9 exploded during pre-test launch testing. The rocket burst into flames on the launch pad during the test.

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In a statement in the The Daily Mail Space X CEO Elon Musk has argued that the blast originated around the upper stage oxygen tank, but what really caused it remains a mystery. 

The conspiracy theorists were quick to jump into conclusions and conjure up a theory that "an Alien air strike sabotaged the mission." 

4. Hitler is alive

The conspiracy theory of all theories claim that Adolf Hitler is alive and living in Argentina (might be possible since a man who claims to be 146 years old has come to people's attention recently). This theory is bigger than the 'moon landing is fake' theory (Oh yeah some even believe that Stanley Kubrick put up an extraordinary film funded by the US government to fake the moon landing.  

They also believe that there are plenty of signs that the acclaimed director hid about the 'secret film project' in The Shining).  There is even a documentary where a group of conspiracy theorists finds themselves in Argentina in search of the world's most cruel and hated dictator.

The History Channel has reported that Hitler, along with several other SS officials, managed to escape the ruins of Berlin in the immediate aftermath of the war and arrive safely in Spain. 

5. Tupac is alive

This is another one. I remember one of my friends going mental about Tupac being alive. People had to unfriend him (including myself) as he went a little too far with his Facebook posts about Tupac being alive. Well, he was high most of the time, ever since our Uni days.

A photo of a Tupac lookalike went viral, and many believed that it was, in fact, Tupac Shakur himself (he didn't seem to have aged a bit).

The Sun ran an article titled "IS THIS TUPAC? Amazing new photograph 'shows' rap superstar Tupac Shakur 20 years after he was gunned down."

Still, don't believe it? Watch the following #YouTube video: