Can we say revenge of the exes? There are plenty of ways that people seek revenge on their ex-partners as a way of giving ends to their feelings. Whether the break ups were due to irreconcilable differences or cheating, there are exes who want to make sure they hit them where it hurts. In one case, a woman persuaded her cheating boyfriend to get her name tattooed on him. He assumed that they were both getting couple's tattoos, but after the ink set in, she left and went home. In another case, a woman played with her cheating boyfriend's emotions through his video games. She erased all of the memory on his Play Station 3.

In another case, a woman screenshot texts between her cheating boyfriend and his mistress, and then gave them to him as a birthday gift. These revenge stories are crazy, but there are those who choose to fight fire with fire, literally.

The fire set on the wrong car

An irate woman apparently went on a rampage to get in her last jab at her ex-boyfriend by setting his car into an inferno. The issue? It was the Wrong car. We've seen Waiting to Exhale where Angela Bassett set her ex-husband's car on fire for cheating on her with another woman. In the movie, Bassett walked away unscathed and feeling empowered. However, in the real world, the concept didn't fare so well with this woman. A Florida woman by the name of Carmen Chamblee was caught on camera setting a car's trunk on fire.

In the video, Chamblee was seen casually walking away from the vehicle was it was still in flames.

The arrest of Carmen Chamblee

According to Huffington Post, law enforcement officers later caught up with her and she informed them that she was under the assumption that it was supposed to be revenge on her ex-boyfriend's car and did not know she set the wrong car on fire.

Police also reached out to the real vehicle's owner who is Thomas Jennings and he was shown the video. Jennings said, "I have no idea who she is. I've never seen her in my life."

This was a sure way for Chamblee to wind up arrested and charged with arson. She may not be torching cars anytime soon. It's not known what the man did that made Chamblee so mad, but this gives rise to the old saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scored."

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