As fires burn to support habitations and gatherings which some in the north country of the Bakkan Shale Oil Repository consider illegals, the fight for indigenous justice connects to the struggle for ecojustice and the freedom to live in peace with the planet. For the Native Americans gathered at Lake Oahe, uniting in solidarity against the corporate interest means protecting a way of life and protecting future generations from the onslaught of industry and the United States Federal Government. President Barack Obama acting in some of his last duties as a sitting president took a stand with the Standing Rock Sioux and helped to unite global interest in the pursuit of global ecological justice.

Pleas for peace, tears for the land

The protection of natural lands, species, and resources are a core aim of the environmental justice movement and central to indigenous activists around the country and around the world who value planet earth for the bounty of nature to be sustained in ecological balance as in previous times. Indigenous technologies combined with the future engineering and innovation of the current day perhaps humanities greatest potential for addressing climate change and developing sustainable systems for equitably feeding, housing and supporting the human rights of all global citizens.

Just as we are all Cerezita the disembodied head, we are all the crying Standing Rock Sioux, citizens, Americans and stewards of the land who believe that protecting natural resources is worth more then profiting off of the shale oil reserve. In the huddled masses and chanting crowd, freedom and justice are asserting themselves with the support of the US Federal Government in the form of Barack Obama, head of state and so-called leader of the free world.

In these days of uncertain security we need more then ever leaders who will stand and align themselves with principles of ecological justice.

Stand for ecological justice, align with peace

Nature is the greatest resource we have as a species. The endless consumption of natural resources by flawed capitalist production paradigms needs to stop. Indigenous communities need to have their land rights respected.

The United States Government must ensure that communities are protected from the encroachment of industry. Tell the story of the Standing Rock Sioux. Investigate what happens when they start going after shale oil. See for yourself why it is important for leaders around the world to make common sense decisions when it comes to protecting the planet.

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