The final two months of what seems to have been the longest election cycle of my lifetime will be a whirlwind of scandals and innuendos involving #Hillary Clinton. Made for television campaigning if you will. Social media will be loaded with mimes that will lead to long-time friend’s defriending or unfollowing after bullheaded online arguments that momentarily engulf them.

We have all either done this or known someone that has, in days gone by we did that sort of thing in person, and sometimes worked it out instead. Social media does not have that app yet. This scenario is so much more than a silly online argument, it is more a witness to the current culture of our nation.

In person many among us will just shoot you or some innocent person nearby.

Words are being used as weapons

Every sub-group of Americans wants some kind of something for some kind of something that has been done to them in years gone by. We have protests so regularly that some of those who attend end up as comical videos for the answers as to why they are protesting whatever it is that time. Some are even paid to protest. We seem to have lost our way as a people.

Three words used so often these days are like pilot lights keeping the flames flickering when we are able to move toward the middle. The first word of the three is racist. If you don’t like what someone says, does, wears, or thinks, just call them a racist.

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That happens every day, especially to police officers. The media hears the accusation, reports it, then some even check to see if it is true, but by then people have already reacted.

Why can't we just be Americans?

The second word is race. Why can’t we just be Americans? Why can’t we just level the playing field as best we can allowing every American an opportunity to improve their lives? Anyone with any self-pride and a little motivation can succeed at something. The opportunity is all most need, and those that fail will still have opportunity to start over. Currently too many of us have no opportunity at all.

The third word is weapon. Neither of these words should be used as a weapon anymore. Currently these words are used to be hurtful, and in some cases devastating. There are sub words to these words, and they too can be used as weapons. However without the first three words the others become rubber bands in a child’s hands.

Clinton shows true colors

Hillary Clinton threw another log on the fire burning in the pit of the stomach of the American voter.

Clinton was simply wrong about people being deplorable, they are not, and they just disagree on the future of the country. Democracy gives us all the right to think what we want. When those who want to lead try to separate us, they are only looking out for themselves, and an obviously failed agenda.

Clinton proved she is not the one to lead our nation forward, she instead wants only to continue the path of separation preventing American citizens from becoming one again. For too long we have let politicians divide us for their own gain. We are not deplorable, we just disagree about what it will take to make America Great Again.

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