Since the primaries, Donald Trump has manipulated the media into covering him almost nonstop. At that time, his competition were fellow Republicans who would have probably sold land rights to have been given the opportunity. Trump called in to CNN almost daily. He phoned into one cable news network in the morning and another one by evening. The ploy worked to his advantage. A master of publicity, the American public slowly watched as experienced Republican politicians ended their race and dropped from the stage like flies. Alone stood #Donald Trump and no one could figure out why.

The first upcoming 2016 presidential debate is scheduled for September 26th and already, Trump has started whining and plotting.  First, he objected to the schedule, pointing out its conflict with televised NFL games.

Can we say DVR? Trump even told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos he received a letter from the NFL agreeing that it was ridiculous to schedule the debates on the same nights as the games. An NFL spokesperson immediately released a statement refuting Trump’s claim, stating that they never issued any such letter to Mr. Trump.

Thou dost protest too much

Now, the Republican presidential nominee is saying that he doesn't want Anderson Cooper to moderate a presidential debate because he would be unfair. Trump states that he doesn’t think Anderson Cooper should be a moderator, because Anderson Cooper works for CNN, will be very, very biased, and he apparently does not approve of how Anderson Cooper behaves. Since when?

Fairness does not mean always having your way

Trump supposedly believes CNN favors his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

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Trump participated in two town hall events moderated by Cooper during the Republican primary and did not object or complain then. In a CNN interview after a GOP debate in March, Trump even congratulated Cooper for his moderation of a Democratic debate.

Many will remember during the primaries, Trump managed to skip a debate hosted by Megyn Kelly in lieu of attending what was called a veterans’ fundraiser. With Hillary Clinton well versed in all things politics, speculation is Trump will try to avoid at least one on stage appearance with her. You are given an extraordinary opportunity to answer questions the best you can. That’s all to it unless you can’t. What is unfair about that? #Election 2016 #Democrats vs Republicans