No one can ever say #Donald Trump doesn't know how to grab the attention of an audience and he used this knack of his once again on Monday when reciting a poem, which are the lyrics of a song about a snake. He did this in front of a crowd while at a rally in Florida. The lyrics about the "#Vicious Snake" were used as a reference to immigrants coming into the country who are not vetted, which is what his focus was on at the time.

The same lyrics also fit if used as a warning about putting #Hillary Clinton into the White House, which is what some folks pointed out on social media sites. Just maybe he was going for a little bit of both!

According to Fox News, Trump was making a point about bringing the refugees into the country when reciting this snake poem.

He managed to get folks' jaws to drop as they intently listened to where the snake's journey was headed. This could be seen on the faces of the audience behind him. This is not the first time he's recited the "Vicious Snake" or "The Snake" for his audience. He has done this before when bringing up the problems it will cause to open up the gates and allow refugees into the country without an extreme vetting process in place.

You knew it was a snake!

The BI News reports that this is not the first time Trump has stopped in the middle of his speech at a rally to offer up this poem. In the past he would put on his glasses and spew up a dramatic reading of this ode, which are the lyrics from a song by Al Wilson done decades ago. "The Snake"  is the title of this song, which was apparently used by Trump as a warning.

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He does this to make a point about the refugee problem facing the country. You could also apply it to Hillary Clinton if she gets in the White House. She could bite back with the same old business as usual, which has already proven toxic for the country.

Poisonous bite

Trump starts off with this poem about a woman who takes in a broken snake and nurtures it back to health. After all the woman does for this snake, the slithering creature bites her. The snake's bite is poisonous and the woman asks the snake as she's dying why he would do that after she took such good care of him and saved its life. The snake basically calls her a damn fool because no matter what...she knew he was a snake when she brought him into her house!

Maybe a little bit of Hillary too?

Apparently some people believe that this poem can also be used as a way to say that Hillary isn't going to change and if we vote her into the White House, we are going to get bit! Trump was full of one-liners today that made sense. For example, he asked how could we possibly put someone in the White House who doesn't even speak the name of our enemies?