#Donald Trump has blazed a new trail. One can't recall a leader talking so vehemently and with conviction on a host of topics from Islam to Illegal immigrants and now about the Russian president Vladimir Putin. A common thread that emerges from the speeches of Donald is that he is a man who respects authority and decisiveness. It does not necessarily mean that his foreign policy will be dictated by his utterances which are rambling thoughts and there is no doubt they appeal to his core constituency.

Statements of Donald

Earlier Donald had stated that removing Saddam was a mistake as after his removal the ISIS reared its head.

Can there be any doubt about it? Saddam was evil, no doubt about it, but if he had been around the present carnage where 50 times more people have been killed than when Saddam was around is proof enough. Donald has expressed praise for the leadership of Putin and now he has gone a step further and stated that the Russian president was a better leader than Obama. Does this statement make Trump an anti-American?

Any statement must be read and understood in context. In this case, he has just mounted an attack on the leadership qualities of Obama, who as president will have the dubious distinction of leaving behind a cauldron in Iraq and a Sunni militant group opposed to America, the ISIS. He has also failed to gauge the intentions of China and North Korea and worse has pandered to Iran. These are only opinions and Trump has a right to point them out as an example of the weakness of Obama.

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True intent

Putin is no doubt a strong leader, but in the Russian system of government where democracy is just a fig leaf, the ex-KGB officer can flex his muscles as opposition to him is muted. It can't happen in America, where there are checks and balances of a Congress dominated by the opposition. If Trump were to come to power, he will realize the limitations of the American system.

But the name of the game is winning the election this year and Trump has chosen to attack Obama and try and pull him down in the hope that the American electorate will realize that he (Trump)  will be a strong leader and make America 'great' again. #Election 2016