Donald Trump VS Chris Brown

Singer Chris Brown has always been known as a hot head and having some sort of conflict going on. There hasn't been a year that has gone by without attention of some kind surrounding Brown. His most recent event that led to his arrest for pointing a gun at a woman in his home, has led to more racial tension towards Donald Trump. How so? Well after it took police hours to obtain a warrant in order to bring Chris Brown into police custody, Donald Trump decided to express his thoughts about Brown saying, "the police should've shot Brown." To make this comment during such an emotional time period regarding police shootings and brutality shows how little respect Trump has forBlack people.

Chris Brown responded to Trump by cursing him out and urging black protesters to shut down Trump's rallies. Brown took a few historic shots referencing to the culture of black people that is often stolen by the other races. Chris Brown maybe be a little crazy, short tempered, and overall wrong for allegedly pointing a gun towards Baylee Curan, but I think he is he's right about Trump.

Donald Trump is offensive

Why are we tolerating thisdegrading behavior? This is the worst presidential race in the history of elections.

It's like choosing between the lesser of two evils, metaphorically speaking of course. On the first hand, there's Hilary Clinton, an old fashioned sneaky politician that people are unsure about trusting. On the second hand, we have Donald Trump - a greedy and potentially racist business owner who finds humor in people living with disabilities. Trump is the worst among the two because he's so focused on getting attention,that he fails to provide any info or plans on political matters.

Trump has offended people of all backgrounds, which makes him equally negative. He's spreading a message of hate and division which does nothing to benefit our society. Neither candidate is speaking out against the violence within our own country, especially the police shootings. Donald Trump has more to say about Celebrities like Chris Brown instead of presenting an actual agenda that will have a positive effect on the country.

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