#Donald Trump along with his supporters are already changing the face of American politics. The elites from the political establishment cannot understand what is happening or possibly their own arrogance refuses to accept the inevitable. Change is coming, and that change is shaking the very foundation of both major parties. The Republican Party may never be the same, and the Democrats will be left with no future leadership as the dinosaur career politicians become extinct.

The polls are shifting to Trump

The polls have been shifting toward Trump as more and more of what #Hillary Clinton thought was her base are turning away from her because they simply cannot trust what comes out of her mouth to be true.

Neither can they trust her to put their well-being ahead of the rest of the world, nor ahead of the financial reward the Clinton Foundation reaps from those wanting to influence her decisions.

The law enforcement community has joined the majority of military members in supporting Trump when the largest police union in the country endorsed Trump last week. These are the very people charged with keeping Americans safe here at home, and around the world. Possibly Clinton’s open border policy does not resonate with those who know the dangers of those who would do us harm. Trump will make America safer by closing the southern border.

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Minorities turning to Trump

Minority voters are now showing a growing support for Trump after he made a concerted effort to reach out to them this past month. Trump asked the right questions at the right time, when he candidly asked those voters what they had to lose by trying something new. The failed policies of the Democrats have done nothing to improve inner city life, and that question has made those from those areas take notice of that fact.

Once not so long ago the world respected the United States, but those days have faded away due to the failed promises, moving red-lines, and a decade of lackluster leadership from the White House. Trump just by taking office will immediately change that. Trump will protect the citizens of the United States, he will stand up for our allies around the world, and those who test his resolve will face consequences, not moving red-lines.

Trump will let military do its job

Hopefully we won’t have to flex our military muscles on foreign soil, but if we do Trump will let them do what they do.

They will be able to protect themselves first and foremost along with completing their mission, and then they will come home. Gone will be the day of underestimating a threat by calling them the JV, and gone will be the days when Americans abroad need help without that help ever arriving.

Trump is changing the political world for the better. January 2017 will bring real hope and change for America when Trump takes office. Career politicians should start now having their staffs work on resumes, because Trump and his supporters are showing them that things can and will change soon. The United States and its citizens will again be first on the list of priorities for our President along with Congress, years have passed since that has been true.