#Donald Trump is learning quickly the political game. While Hillary Clinton is focusing on trying to get people to believe that she is not ill, Trump is rolling out a new #childcare plan that is an obvious reaching out to millennial women. With women making up 50% of the workforce, coupled with Trump being a businessman, Trump may have found a connection that will stop some millennials from supporting Clinton.

Childcare is an astronomical cost to young couples especially those with two or more children. To a single parent childcare is either out of reach financially, or it is crippling to them financially. Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump is involved with this, and she introduced Trump as he gave a speech explaining the details in Aston, Pennsylvania.

Pro-family tax breaks

Trump explained his plan as pro-child, pro-family, pro-elderly, and pro-stay at home Moms. Tax breaks, tax rebates, and childcare savings accounts were the cornerstones to the plan. Employers can also contribute to these savings accounts that can in the future help pay for college. With the government matching contributions of $500 to help lower income families open an account also.

More and more Donald Trump is becoming Presidential, or at least showing everyone that he has the skills to lead this nation. Had Trump used this same voice all the way through the election cycle many would have just not listened to him, or the Washington elite candidate would have won. Trump has had a plan on winning the White House from the beginning, and he has worked that plan perfectly.

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Given chance Trump thrives

I honestly believe Donald Trump given the opportunity to spend the next four years fixing the things wrong in our country, he will do just that. Trump believes in America first, and for far too long those we have elected have worried about everyone but the American people, Trump will fix that too, given the chance.

Childcare has not been a large part of this election season, but it probably just got moved into the spotlight today. Clinton will surely address this in the next day or so, she may hail the success of programs in place already, but I don’t know of any to use as an example. Childcare, education, and crime-stricken neighborhoods have all been brought out by Trump as of late. Possibly people are wrong about Trump being divisive, because it appears that he is reaching out to all Americans.