Nobody expected #Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination but win he did. His campaign is marked by strong and acerbic assertions on a host of topics from Muslims to illegal immigrants. At a conservative estimate, there are close to 11 million illegal migrants in the USA and this is a sore point with many Americans who feel the economy cannot absorb these migrants and for this reason their economic standard is low. Donald has been exploiting this fear and also making some outlandish assertions like constructing a wall on the Mexico-USA border to keep out the illegal Mexican immigrants. He has also asserted that the wall will be paid for by the Mexican government.

The two walls

In history, two walls were made that are part of the global strategy. First, there was the Great Wall of China, whose primary purpose was to keep out invaders from entering China and then there was the infamous Berlin wall which collapsed under its own weight when the Soviet Union broke up. Perhaps Donald is wanting to add to world history by erecting a third wall between Mexico and the USA.

Donalds rhetoric on the wall

Many Americans are taken in by Donald's rhetoric and feel that a wall will be built. However, the logistic problems and the cost of constructing a wall is rarely mentioned. Trump's statement that Mexico will be asked to pay for the wall is a tongue in cheek statement and one doubts he believes it himself. The Mexican president has made it amply clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall, so the question arises as to how the wall is going to be built? It is also worth noting that such a wall has never been built between two sovereign nations and on the one occasion it was built in Berlin it collapsed in due course.

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Also, the wall was built by a totalitarian state and that is not the case in America.

Last word

Yet Donald Trump is going hammer and tongs against the illegal immigrants and is firm that a wall will be built. One gets a feeling that Trump is just holding a lollipop to his supporters and in case voted to power, I don't think any wall will come up. Maybe at that time he may come up with some other excuse. Right now the name of the game is winning the election, hence any statement that placates his core constituency is OK and that includes the wall. Frankly, it's not a practical suggestion at all. #Immigration