Don't underestimate the power of #Donald Trump because not only does he rattle the honchos of Washington politics, he's just stirred up the government down #Mexico way! The Mexican President's closest adviser has resigned in the wake of that very controversial trip that Trump embarked on recently. By some of the comments and worries coming from the people in Mexico, it sounds as if they already see Trump as the U.S. President and a very powerful one at that.

Visit stirs country up!

While President Enrique Pena Nieto invited Trump to Mexico, that wasn't a move many others in the Mexican Government agreed upon. Pena Nieto's Finance Secretary Luis Videgaray has resigned from his post and the reason points to the Mexican President's decision to extend the invitation to the  American GOP presidential candidate.

Responsible party for Trump visit?

Because Videgaray is Pena Nieto's closest adviser, he would have played a big role in the decision to invite Trump to Mexico. While Trump's visit was a step in the right direction for Trump, Pena Nieto has been slammed not only by the Mexican Government, but the Mexican people as well for not being strong when it came to reeling in Trump by rejecting his comments about Mexico. 

Already talking as if Trump will win?

It appears someone had to take the fall for this visit and it looks as if Videgaray was the chosen one. The former finance secretary will return and take over his old job, Jose Antonio Meade. While Pena Nieto was blasted with criticism over Trump's visit, Meade backed his decision to meet with the American candidate. 

It looks as if the Mexican Government is already sold on Trump being the next American president because Meade said the visit lays the foundation for dealing with Trump in the future around his proposed changes.

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In particular they are concerned with the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has changes coming once Trump is in office. Meade believes the visit was a start at "building bridges" if Trump is elected president, reports CBS News.

The Mexican people are furious with their President for not setting Trump straight on the wall and immigration, but he is not the president yet. Maybe the people to our south see the writing on the wall as they sit back and watch from afar as the presidential campaign revs up towards election day.

Mexican President riding out storm

It appears the Mexican people were looking to their president to confront Trump on his past comments of Mexican immigrants being criminals and drug runners. They were also looking for the President to set it straight about the purposed wall Trump will build. That didn't happen as this meeting wasn't about battling out past comments and future walls. It was about building a relationship between the two countries. The conversation on the wall and immigration should come once Trump's seated comfortably in the White House.

But it appears folks in Mexico see him as the likely winner, which is evident in the amount of concern they give to his proposals that will have an effect on their country! #Resignation