Kim Jong Un was recently in the News over banning the use of sarcasm - in any shape or form - against government officials. The self-proclaimed leader and communist dictator Kim Jong Un has been giving his neighboring country in the South quite a lot of problems lately. It was reported that North Korea carried out yet another nuclear test again! The Dear Leader, as he is 'lovingly' known (or forced to be addressed by its people just as they are forced to put on a 'mass-crying-show' when something drastic happens in the Un dynasty) has even threatened the US with a missile attack. 

The nuclear tests

USA Today reported that the US has flexed his muscles to North Korea by "flying bombers over South Korea" in response to Kim Jong Un carrying out a fifth nuclear test in the region.

The US publishing house added further that the nuclear test has "raised concerns that the North is making progress in its weapon's testing program." The US Secretary Jack Lew, as reported in the USA Today, said that the US will continue with the show of might and "financial tools" against North Korea in order to bring an end to the nuclear-tests. "They have done more testing of both nuclear weapons and missiles in recent months in a way that has the world's attention clearly focused, and we will continue to sharpen our financial tools as we can," Mr. Lew said. 

North Korea vs South Korea

The rift between South Korea and North Korea has been going since the two Korean nations got their freedom in 1948. The two nations were formed in 1945 when the industrial north was occupied by the Soviets and the agricultural south by the Americans. In History of the World: Sixth Edition by J.M.

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Roberts it has been noted that the first time North Korea invaded South Korea was in June 1950. The following us an excerpt from Mr Roberts' book;

"In 1945 Korea had been divided along the 38th parallel, its industrial north being occupied by the Soviets and the agricultural south by the Americans. Korean leaders wanted a quick reunification, but only on their own term, ..." and "Soviet and American forces both withdrew, but North Korean forces invaded the south in June 1950 with Stalin's foreknowledge and approval. Within two days President Truman had sent American forces to fight them, acting in the name of the United Nations. "

So it can be argued that the Korean division into two countries is the result of the Cold war between the USA and Russia (known as USSR then). It could be argued further that the US and Russia are both responsible for the rise of the Un dynasty in North Korea. 

The Interview movie

Sooner or later Hollywood (or someone) was going to make a movie on Kim Jong Un. The importance of mentioning the hit movie is many-fold.

It clearly shows the dangers that lie within if you're in North Korea where many foreign (American) journalists have been held and tortured on spying and other charges. The world was shocked at the basketball player Dennis Rodman's stunt by going to North Korea and being BFFs with the Dear Leader (I think that's where the idea for The Interview movie was birthed). 

The movie with a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un showed how North Koreans - and everything in and everyone about the country - are in total control of the young 'wannabe' dictator. It amazes me that the generals actually follow Mr. Un and carry out his orders. (According to the movie I should expect a possible hack into my FB account by Kim's hackers soon after this article is published). 

I think there is an urgent need for an insider coup similar to the one carried out in Turkey by the government's generals, (once they sober up, that is!) or a direct invasion without looking for (or creating) any excuse to invade North Korea and oust the Kim Jong Un from power.  It's time to get serious with Mr. Un's threat of actually sending  an atomic nuke pointed towards the US any time soon.