#Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the worst Presidential candidate either party has ever put before the American citizens. The aloofness in which she takes the stage when addressing her supporters is interrupted by coughing fits that begs the question is she even healthy enough for the office? Her demeanor implies she is the anointed one to take the throne when King Obama abdicates in January.

Someone needs to get through her memory issues and remind her that this election is running parallel to the election of 2008. Clinton had a huge lead in the poles over a sub one term Senator and ended up working for him as a consolation prize.

During that election Obama had more energy than Clinton, much like Donald Trump. It came down to which was the better speaker and motivator, and Obama just schooled her.

Clinton has been exposed

Trump however has a much easier task than Obama did. During the last few years, Clinton has been exposed, and almost daily we are handed further evidence of that exposure. In today’s world, having been caught in lie after lie with the always present I can’t remembers mounting up the independent American voters have stopped listening. Even some of her own supporters have abandoned her.

The families of Benghazi can testify to that. Colin Powell was not to blame for Clinton’s email server, covering up pay-for-play was.

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When you destroy evidence after you have been subpoenaed by Congress chances are overwhelming that you are hiding something. When you take something from the White House and then have to return it that was not an innocent mistake.

Made a nice living

The Clinton Foundation is a cash cow, and everything Clinton has been doing since Obama beat her in '08 has been for personal gain. Bernie Sanders would have been a better candidate for the democrats, but I would raise the question to the DNC if they would take a do-over if they could. Even her nomination was riddled in corruption while she plead innocent, and again those pesky emails show up telling a different story.

 Hillary Clinton everything else withstanding, appears to have made a very nice living telling lies. She lied to Congress, the American citizens, the FBI, the media, to Haiti, and people are just tired of it. She even lied to Obama when she signed that agreement to keep the State Department and the Clinton Foundation separate; again those pesky emails. #Election 2016