Evan McMullin, the former chief policy director for the House GOP Conference and former CIA operative laid out the “Never Trump” plot to steal the November election from Clinton and Trump. Appearing on Wisconsin’s Sunday morning political show, Upfront with Mike Gousha, Mc Mullin revealed his backers’ plot to take the election out of the voters’ hands and punt it to the GOP controlled House of Representatives. McMullin revealed the plan is “to block Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from winning the Electoral College so that the election goes to the House of Representatives to choose the winner.”

GOP establishment candidate

McMullin entered the race in August as the “Never Trump” candidate with backing of the Republican establishment’s most well-known operatives Bill Kristol, John Kingston, Joel Searby and Rick Wilson.

Within days of the announcement of his candidacy on August 8, 2016 McMullin gained access to the ballots in Utah and Colorado and announced legal action would be taken against states with deadlines on or after August 15. By August 14, the Independence Party of Minnesota declared McMullin their presidential nominee.

GOP House breaks the tie

McMullin's chief strategist Joel Searby outlined the campaign strategy on August 22nd in a memo, the campaign plans to block Hillary Clinton from reaching 270 electoral votes, thus sending the election to the House of Representatives. According to Wikipedia, Searby believes that, “once in the GOP controlled House, against the backdrop of Trump and Clinton's deeply divisive positions and after a strong electoral college showing, we believe Evan's unifying message will prevail."

Immediate ballot access

McMullin was added to the Idaho ballot on August 23, Virginia on September 2, nominated as the ballot-qualified Independent Party candidate on South Carolina on September 7th and announced as a write-in in Alaska, Montana, Tennessee and West Virginia on September 23rd.

Once the building blocks of a stolen election were in place, the GOP set its sights on the Trump and Clinton campaigns. Clinton’s campaign was infiltrated with the Obama operatives that viciously attacked the Clintons in 2008 labeling them as racists. Trump’s campaign was purged of his loyalists like Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort and replaced with GOP stalwarts.

Running mates chosen by elite

The running mate chosen for Clinton was Obama loyalist and reliable war monger Tim Kaine and Trump’s running mate, chosen without his input was the extremely conservative, deeply unpopular Mike Pence. Now the strategy was to narrow Clinton’s lead to ensure the race would be close enough that along with the voter ID purge and the GOP redistricting of 2010 the election could be a tie throwing the contest to the House of Representatives as the decider.

Game set match

After a summer of attacks on the two candidates and endless GOP congressional investigations along with endless media attacks the contest has narrowed. Tonight’s “debate” controlled by cable infotainment carnival barkers will center on solidifying the media driven impression of two deeply unpopular, divisive, dishonest candidates. In the end, there will be a media blitz to bolster Evan McMullin as the only alternative, creating the illusion of popularity necessary to successfully steal the election. That is the “Never Trump” plot to steal the election.

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