All across the country, parents are awakening to compassion, seeking to raise their families in the most supportive, loving way that they possibly can. #Compassionate Parenting is grounded in mutual respect. Critics of the parenting style have falsely criticized compassionate parents as not being able to set clear boundaries and wield discipline in a way that will generate growth. Individual parents and families may struggle with these and many other issues in the modern landscape of family.

The bold new future starts at home

The reality is, parents who have a global view of the world, who seek to align their families with notions of service and who support each other's emotional well-being reguarly, are some of the most #Healthy and Balanced people you could ever meet.

In my work around families, I have seen some stark differences around how parents respond to their children's successes but also to their apparent shortcomings. These decisions, these reactions, these moments with your kids, whether you want to celebrate or teach them, are the core of your parenting life. They matter so much and getting them right is so important.

You do not want to disregard your children's feelings but you also need to set clear rules. Compassionate parenting should be a strengths-based endeavor. What I mean by that is you should be seeking to highlight the positives in all situations, this means affirming when your kids do great, celebrating their individuality, recognizing their unique potential every chance you get. It also means taking those apparent shortcomings, those moments of hurt and turning them into learning moments for you and your family.

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Compassion means seeing that everyone is learning, growing and doing their best. None of us is holy, none of us is perfect. We are all just peaceful and loving beings doing our best to learn and grow in uncertain times. When we love and support each other reguarly, a new kind of openness and intimacy can develop that bonds and invigorates even what had been the most strained of relations. 

Awaken to the greatest role you can ever take on

I have watched families come together and heal. To build new ways of being and knowing through sharing space with each other grounded in compassion. This parenting paradigm is about intellectual, emotional and maybe if it's right for your family, spiritual growth. It seeks to develop children not to excel as cogs in a machine but as champions of freedom and artists of future innovation.

It teaches our communities that there are families just like us on the other side of the world. It shows that the path of peace is the best way forward. Love your kids the best you can.

They will represent unique challenges to you and you will be forced to grow right along with them. This is the brilliance and mystery of parenting. Behold it and cherish the moments you share. Whether celebrating the goodness or finding a way through the bad times, compassionate love and respect will see you through.  #Future Families