A majority of us mere mortals have had our emails hacked because some adolescent genius living in mommy's basement decided to use their talent for evil instead of good. Now, we are currently living in an age where high ranking government experts and agencies are becoming prime targets of cyber attacks. The latest victim? Colin Powell.

Hacked from a private account of the former Republican Secretary of State are a sum of emails showing an undeniable thrashing of Donald Trump.


In them, Powell describes the boisterous GOP candidate as a national disgrace who engaged in a racist movement. Interestingly, Trump often refers to his campaign as a movement. Yeah, but in his heart what kind of a movement is he really trying to start?

Conservative News media, Daily Caller, reports that approximately 30,000 of Powell's emails ranging from June 2014 to August 2016 were stolen and given to DCLeaks.com. The media outlet Buzzfeed states that they have obtained several emails from the world's leading group of snoops and tattle-tellers.


Tell us how you really feel, Colin

In an email dated June 17, 2016 written to former aide, Emily Miller, Powell wrote that Trump was in the process of destroying himself so there was no need for Dems to attack him. Another digital message has Powell calling Trump's birther investigation a racist movement that erroneously suggests President Obama was from a foreign country.

Commenting on Trump's insinuation that Obama was a Muslim, Powell wrote, "What if he was? Muslims are born as Americans every day." He also called Trump an international pariah.

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Donald Trump

To avoid risking coming off as biased, Powell saved some spit and vinegar for a few others, including House Speaker Paul Ryan. He also wrote that "Hillary's mafia" was trying to drag him into her personal email scandal. Ouch!

It's raining emails

Although Powell did not verify to Buzzfeed the authenticity of the emails, he did say that he was not aware of any infiltration of his Gmail account, but if accurate then his privacy was violated.

However, a spokesperson for the retired four-star general told ABC news that the emails were his.

The antics and rhetoric of the 2016 Presidential election campaigns have been nail-bitingly frustrating and embarrassing at times. It's almost enough to make you pour hot sauce on your fingers and gnaw them off so you won't be able to draft a few scathing emails of your own.

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