In a series of emails that got hacked by and then released by Buzzfeed, former Secretary of State #Colin Powell stated that it does not matter if Obama is a Muslim because "Muslims are born as Americans every day." Powell's emails were a reflection of the adverse racism and bigotry that has been perpetrated by #Donald Trump almost daily since the start of his campaign in June 2015, i.e., his call for the deportation of all undocumented Hispanic workers, the blocking of all Muslim immigrants to the United States, and the killing of the families of known terrorists.

Pattern of self-destruction

Powell, referring to Trump's racism and idiocy, asserted that the failed real estate mogul, who has yet to release his tax records, is "destroying himself." Powell was so confident of Trump's self-destruction that he stated that there was "no need for Dems to attack him."

Racist birther movement

Powell emphatically described Trump's birther movement against Obama as "racist" in nature.

Trump and his followers harassed Obama for the first several years of his presidency, demanding that he release his birth certificate to prove that he was born in Hawaii. Even after Obama released his birth certificate, Trump questioned its authenticity, implying that it was forged. Only recently did Trump finally acknowledge that Obama was born in Hawaii and is a native born American citizen.

Russian based leaks

The cyber espionage firm ThreatConnect revealed that it suspects that the leaking of Powell's emails to DCLeaks was perpetrated by Russian spies. The Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 is particularly suspected in Powell's case. On Tuesday, Guccifer 2.0 released even more emails that were hacked from the Democratic National Committee.

Lies about Hillary's emails

Despite his efforts to discredit #Hillary Clinton as "crooked," deceptive and untrustworthy, Trump has been unable to prove the existence of inappropriate emails between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation In one of his failed attempts to portray Clinton in a bad light, Trump referenced emails that were between low-ranking State Department staffers and Clinton Foundation employees.

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Clinton was not involved in those email communications at all, nor did she know anything about them.