The bias of the 4th estate is known and this came to the fore when CNN international headlined that Hillary was the winner. Is it really so? Independent observers have opined that Hillary did well to fend off the aggressiveness of Trump, but he did not lose. One reason for this is that expectations from Trump were low and people expected that he would flounder as he had not entered any similar debate earlier.

The debate

Trump did very well, more than what was expected of him. He had some uncomfortable questions for Hillary and Hillary did get around them because of her 30-year experience. The first debate can best be termed a draw and one will now look forward to the next debate on October 9th.

One is reminded of the last debates in the presidential election in 2012 when Mitt Romney almost demolished Obama in the first debate and yet went on to lose the election. One can safely say that presidential debates are good news but not necessarily the pointer towards the result. What the voter is going to do will only be clear in November and given the system of voting in the USA, a popular vote does not necessarily lead to a win.

The first presidential debate had plenty of fireworks and Clinton came prepared to needle Trump. But he put in a good performance and one can safely say that the battle is not yet over. Hillary had an awkward moment when Donald quizzed her on what she had done in 30 years of political apprenticeship. Donald was aggressive and both candidates lied a number of times.

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But this is part of the game and the attempt is to present oneself and win.

The result

Donald had steamrolled his way to the nomination, but one will concede that a presidential debate is different. Yet Donald did well as not many expected him to match Hillary. Hillary and Donald are neck and neck and the first debate is not likely to change anything. The expectation that Hillary is the winner by an overwhelming margin has not happened. This will be unhappy news for many of the Ivy league and the 4th estate who feel they control public opinion. #Donald Trump #Hillary Clinton