There is an old saying that a picture paints a thousand words. Well that is proving true in #Election 2016 like never before. Even more so than pictures, the technology of today's camera phones have turned former mere onlookers into videographers for national publications in an instant. A prime case in point is how the video of an unsteady #Hillary Clinton being propped up by her helpers has, according to a recent poll, hurt Clinton's numbers more than any of the stories ever fabricated about her by #Donald Trump.

Trump deflects attention from his taxes

For months the heat was steadily turning up on Trump to release his tax records.

Although he refused, it was getting more and more difficult for him to evade the almost constant questions being raised about his finances the closer it got to the actual presidential election. So he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when video of Clinton's faltering steps went viral and knocked speculations about his taxes out of the glaring spotlight of the headlines, at least momentarily.

Trump jumped on the bandwagon with questions about Clinton's health, and whether or not she had the stamina to lead the most powerful nation in the world. He seemingly passed out copies of his own glowing health report to almost any passersby by who looked old enough to vote. He asked, actually demanded, that Clinton release her health records too. He wanted her to release them now, not after the election.

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That privilege belongs only to him with regards to his tax records.

Clinton's stumble causes her to wobble in the polls

The fallout from these health questions has taken an even more surprising turn according to a poll published this weekend, which follows the likely voting patterns of Blacks in America. The poll, jointly commissioned by the University of South Carolina and The Los Angeles Times, asserts that Clinton's ratings plummeted by almost 20 points once people saw her practically leaning on her security to make it into the waiting vehicle.

Trump reaps unexpected ratings boost

An unexpected benefit for Trump is that Clinton's drop made his numbers go up. His backers have traditionally been white lower-middle class conservatives with the occasional audience members sprinkled in here and there whom Trump adoringly refers to as "my African-Americans". But according to this latest tracking survey, Trump's ratings jumped 16.5 points among this group just since Clinton got sick. The survey after the upcoming and highly anticipated debates promises to be a real eye-opener. It could either give Clinton an irreversible black eye or give her back her Black voters.