In a little over a month America will go to their local polling places and cast their vote that will decide who will lead the nation for the next four years. Notice I said lead and not run. There is a big difference. Here’s why. 

The “Father of Our Country,” George Washington, led the country out of a kingdom and into a republic. The people that made that happen were, among others of course, John Adams, the Vice President; Thomas Jefferson, The Secretary of State; Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury; Henry Knox, Secretary of War (Defense); and, Edmond Randolph, Attorney General. This handful of men were Washington’s key cabinet appointments and they, with Washington at the top to decide any issue that could not be worked out among themselves, ran the country.


One Person Cannot Know All About Running This Nation.

In the beginning, just as it is today, it is impossible for one man, the President, to know everything necessary to run the country. Lead it? Yes. Run it? No. The delicate issues surrounding America’s dealing with monarchies and dictatorships (George III in Britain and Napoleon, in France) fell to the brilliant Jefferson. The complications involved in setting up a national bank and monetary policy fell to Hamilton. Administering to the needs of the army and navy and in assuring the nation’s readiness for war, to Knox and to Edmund Randolph to set up the system regarding federal laws and courts. These were massively complex issues so each of these men had staffs and consultants to assist them. They had Congress to keep them on the straight and narrow and they had an electorate of fiercely independent people to answer to.

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It is fair to say in so many respects they were, without doubt and with no uncertainty, up to the task. 

How To Tell The Difference...Running? or Leading?

Taking the country's first administration as an example of the difference in leading vs. running we should call on the candidates in as strong a voice as possible  to tell us who they will call on to fill those key posts no less than two weeks before the election. For it will be those people, not Trump or Clinton, who will run the country. In that regard I would propose they name possible or likely  choices for Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, the Attorney General, the Secretary(s) of Defense and of Homeland Security, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the chief of staff to the President… essentially, along with the Vice President,  most of the faces that make up the National Security Council.  If that is done we avoid the awful problem of ‘voting for the lesser of the two evils’ that seems to be the current state of affairs.

That is a terrible reason for this great nation to be faced with. My suggestion will give the voters a much broader scope to evaluate the quality of the team that will likely run the country and then the choice of leadership can be made with less angst under a brighter lamp. The electorate will be given a whole team to choose rather than voting for one person who may or may not be ‘less evil’ than the other.