Donald Trump is scaring the elites in Washington, and if the truth was known he is probably scaring the elites in other countries around the world. Trump battled through 16 others who were running for the Republican Party nomination, and he is making a shamble of Hillary Clinton on his way to the White House. Okay, in reality Clinton has been making a shamble of herself, but Trump is making sure everyone knows about it.

What is really happening is much deeper. Voters in England and Germany have also scared the elites when England voted to leave the European Union, and when voters in Germany did not support Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Recently Clinton said it was Merkel that she admired most among world leaders, and Trump is doing his best to make sure they have something in common come November.

Elites just use governments for control

What citizens around the world need to recognize is that it is not just one candidate that is causing all the problems around the world, it is the elites in general. The elites use governments to advance their agendas while disguising it as progression. Currently President Obama is taking that agenda to an entirely new level, making those who have come before him look like amateurs.

Obama and his administration have divided the citizens of America along racial lines leading to rioting, looting, and senseless violence. He has exploited the tragic deaths of some to distract the populace by using fear to pit whites versus blacks, law enforcement versus citizens, pro-life versus pro-choice, heterosexuals versus homosexuals, etc.

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The media is just another tool

Governments use the media like a weapon to control the masses. Displaying horrific events over and over in the media keeps the populace scared, never letting something tragic go to waste as Obama’s first Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said. Obama has perfected this in the little over seven years he has been in office.

Those who think these things do not exist in other countries are simply wrong. The truth of the matter is that the elites here in the United States have not been in existence long enough to have figured this out for themselves when Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have been around for centuries longer. The founding fathers of this country came here to get away from this kind of corruption, but somewhere along the line we let our guard down, and elites took control.

Trump opening eyes worldwide

Donald Trump is not just trying become President of the United States, but he may think he is. In reality Trump is showing the world if enough of us band together we can take back our countries along with our lives.

Most if not all Americans have no issue with the rest of the world, and I am sure this is true in other lands too, but our governments continue to fight, and use the media to present it as needed when it is clearly not.

This being said it is the elites that are the problem as long as they can keep us scared, distracted, and angry enough to continue fighting amongst ourselves. The longer they can keep the world in turmoil, the longer they will be in control. One percent do not just control the money of the world, they control the destiny of the future.

This is evident in the support for Hillary Clinton by so many in high places. No one in their right mind could support someone to be President like Clinton who has been proven to be a corrupt liar, and totally inept as a leader. Donald Trump is not just trying to make America Great Again, he is trying to destroy an establishment of elites that basically control the entire planet.