GOP New Jersey Governor and seriously failed presidential candidate Chris Christie, who is claiming that Trump never changed his immigration and deportation policies, vetoed a bill that would have raised the minimum wage in New Jersey to $15.00 per hour. Christie, who ran a miserable, failing presidential primary campaign and claimed that he cared about poor and downtrodden people, has demonstrated once again that he is completely out of touch with the realities of the cost of living and minimum wages that hover at the poverty level. As a result of his veto, around 800,000 New Jersey citizens will have to go on public assistance and go on food stamps, including the working poor.

Not just entry level positions

It is the conventional thinking among Republicans that minimum wage jobs are for students and/or teenagers or retired people and that it therefore is acceptable to pay low wages to those who are fortunate or unfortunate enough to hold such jobs. Although it is hard to believe that Christie could hold such antiquated beliefs, stranger things have been known to happen. Apparently Christie does not know that such positions actually are held by adults who are between the ages of 25 and 45, the prime ages for parents of children who are dependent upon welfare, food stamps and other social programs.

One million workers and a thriving NJ economy

If Christie had taken it upon himself to care about something other than his bulging stomach and his horrendous diet at the plush Governor's mansion, perhaps he would have realized that the bill to increase the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour would have increased the standard of living for over one million citizens of the Garden State.

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This would have enabled middle class NJ citizens to feed their children, pay for day care, commute to work and contribute to New Jersey's economy. But Christie could not have conceived of this possibility because he is too mired with the trappings of office, the luxury of the Governor's Mansion and his ravenous diet to care or worry about anyone else.

Bad politics, strange bedfellows

As if Christie's strange beliefs about the plight of the poor and the minimum wage were not questionable enough, Christie was asked to accompany Donald Trump, his former GOP primary opponent, to his first classified information briefing. The absentee governor, who is not known to be an expert on military or international affairs, is just about as clueless as a rookie "Explorer Cop" who stands behind the patrol car in a light blue uniform as the real cop deals with the crook. Move over Chris, this is no place for a rookie. The real candidate is a woman, and her name is Hillary.