April fool’s day 2001 the Bush Administration in an imbecilic demonstration of power caused the death of a Chinese pilot who was protecting the Chinese airspace from American invasion. That action caused George W. Bush, the most ignorant of world leaders to beg for forgiveness and the return of our air men and spy plane. After much wrangling and several apologies by Bush, the Chinese engineers dismantled the spy plane taking the best of America’s technology and returned the pieces in boxes COD (cash on delivery).

Bush damaged China-US relations

That set the stage for the new relationship between the US and China that persists today. The Obama Administration has continued the belligerent standard set by the Bush/Cheney regime. With the CIA systematically overthrowing the elected governments of Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine and instigating wars in Syria, Yemen and Libya as the springboard for war with China and Russia, America’s “great” leader Obama landed in China for the G20 summit expecting a royal welcome.

Obama and press dissed by China

Not surprisingly the Chinese were underwhelmed. When Air Force One landed in Hangzhou on Saturday, the “reporters” traveling with Obama ambled out of the plane and dutifully “assumed the position” to record the “great one’s” grand entrance. Much to their surprise, they were herded into a bright blue taped-in pen surrounded by Chinese security guards. Accustomed to being treated as celebrities, the press “club” group whined to the Chinese security official who shouted, “This is our country.” The media group was shockedto find that there was no rolling staircase for “the great one” to descend to the flashing cameras of a fawning press.

Instead, President Obama was forced to exit from the belly of the plane flanked by his lackeys Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes. There were further surprises. At the West Lake State House, where Mr. Obama met President Xi Jinping, White House aides, protocol officers and Secret Service agents got into a series of squabbles about who should be allowed into the building, nearly coming to blows. The demonstration showed how far America as a super power has fallen since the neocons seized control over America’s foreign policy in 2000.

Lap dog press treated like dogs

The American press have become lap dogs begging for attention from their masters rather than watch dogs of the people. After being allowed to lay on the furniture and soil the rug with their vile output for the last sixteen years, the press were outraged to be tied to the clothes line pole in China’s back yard. The chilly relationship between Obama and Xi has culminated over the years and escalated with Obama and his Neocons ready to risk World War III in the South China Sea.

After the US Navy guided cruise missile destroyer the USS Lassen sailed within 12 nautical miles of Spratly Islands in the South China Sea in spite of repeated warnings from China, and deliberate provocations on the part of the Obama Administration the chilly reception should have been expected.

America’s media is a shameful, disgusting tool used to peddle the worst kind of propaganda to the American people and the world. Bravo t0 the Chinese government for exposing the arrogance and the idiocy of the fourth estate who would mislead and poison the minds of the people they are supposed to be protecting from government abuse of power. The naked emperor and his media courtiers were duly embarrassed when the Chinese failed to bow to America’s emperor.

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