Chicago was earlier a city associated with Crime. One recollects the famous gangster Al Capone who ruled the city nearly 85 years back. Closely associated is the Valentine's Day massacre of 7 members of a rival gang by Capone and his men in broad daylight. One would have thought that with the arrest of Capone, violent crime would take a back seat. This has not happened 

Killings in Chicago

The latest figures are disturbing as Chicago has had over 475 cases of homicide this year, which is more than the numbers of homicide cases in New York and Los Angeles combined. These figures show a sharp uptrend in crime and one wonders how so many cases of homicide can take place.

Coupled with a large number of homicide cases is the poor detection rate of the police.  

Another facet is the demographic profile of the murders. A quick glance through the statistics is the overwhelming cases of homicide among the African-Americans. Obviously, due to the large number of killings among blacks it is inevitable that the blacks are the more likely targets of the police. This does lead to situations where the killing of an African-American is blamed on the police and people agitate that Black Lives Matter. It is a matter of intense sorrow that such an agitation only targets the police and nobody bothers for the hundreds of blacks who get killed in cases of homicide. Don't the lives of these blacks matter?

The detection rate and bringing to justice of the perpetrators is extremely low and this year just about 16% of the cases are solved.

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African-Americans and violent crime

Another statistic worth examining is that in a city with a population of 2.7 million the blacks and Hispanics make up about 50% of the population yet the African-Americans are the more likely persons to be involved in homicidal cases. Almost 90% of the homicides are among blacks  This is food for thought.

The crime scenario has added to the campaign of Donald Trump who has said that the spiraling cases of homicides show that the Democrats have not been able to keep the African-Americans safe. Election rhetoric aside, these killings needs to be studied in greater detail.