Former Stanford swimmer brock turner will be released from jail Friday after serving only three months of a six month sentence for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. The 22 year old Turner was given the light sentence by a Judge that no longer hears criminal cases, and the State of California passed a law to insure no one gets a sentence this lenient in the future .


While we do have the best legal system in the world occasionally we will hear about a case like this where the punishment does not fit the crime.

Celebrities and athletes seem to always be in the news but it seems like very few actually go to jail. Rehab seems to be the go to answer for them when they need a quick fix to prevent going to jail. They just go to rehab, pay a fine, and do some community service going on about their way.

Brock Turner should be in jail

We have this all wrong, and then we wonder why the world is like it is. Brock Turner should still be incarcerated, and should be for a long time. What he did to an unconscious woman whether drunk or not, was barbaric. Any decent human being would have gotten the young lady some help, then guarded over her until that help arrived, instead he helped himself to her emotional being.

This is a typical story about a rich kid who committed a crime, and money got him out of trouble, or most of it at least.

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If this had been any color middle to lower class young man they would not be getting out of jail Friday. Equal accountability is something that the people should look at when voting for local judges going forth to future elections, sentencing records on judges exist. Research before you vote next.

Judge needs to be removed

Some would say that stories like this give credence to Black Lives Matters, but to the contrary these are completely different parts of the criminal justice system. This was not about the police, they arrested Turner, and did their job as they normally do. This was a case where a judge passed sentence, and this judge should be removed from the bench. If not women voters should remove him if he runs for re-election.

Some crimes are just so bad that it is hard not to want not only justice, but retaliation as well. The father of two daughters in me wishes that Turner had got 20 years in prison. There with a little karma coming into play Brock Turner could have made the news for being raped behind a dumpster. Sounds harsh I know, but I just cannot imagine anyone doing what he did to someone’s daughter, and I am sure I am not alone.