Even comedians are taking note of Donald Trump, and they are becoming more and more alarmed. In spite of his best efforts to look blue-tie presidential, Trump came across as someone you wouldn't trust with your school lunch, let alone the welfare of an entire country. Amy Schumer, creator and star of her own comedy sketch program"Inside AmySchumer," is one of the latest comics to blast Trump on his performance last night during one of the most watched presidential debate in history. Schumer pointed out that somehow Trump just doesn't make the grade. Schumer pulled no punches during her post-debate interview with Andy Cohen, host of "Watch What Happens Live."

Trump sniffed his way into health questions

There's an old saying that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Apparently someone on his campaign committee forgot to tell Trump. According to Schumer, even more distracting than Trump's off-the-wall comments, were his well-timed and never-ending nasal sniffs. For months, Trump has been calling into question the health of his opponent for the office of President of the United States, Hillary Clinton. He has mocked everything from her coughing, choking, and even that moment when she stumbled a little getting into a vehicle during the recent 9/11 memorial celebration.

So it's very ironic that Trump's own sniffing took up a good portion of his first televised debate as an official presidential nominee. Oddly enough, Trump's pronounced inhaling wasn't as obvious in previous debates.

Perhaps they were harder to hear over a field of 17 lively candidates.

Trump just doesn't have that mass appeal

Schumer compared Trump to someone people can't wait to get away from. Asked how Trump came across during the debate, she said, "He was like the guy in a bar that you'd walk away from…no facts, all sound bites." In other worlds, he might look good, and talk a nice game, but the words are void of any depth or sustenance.

The implications are that someone initially attracted to Trump and his hollow rhetoric would soon find themselves running for the door at the risk of going stark-raving mad trying to find the sanity in his conversational games. Hillary Clinton didn't have to break a sweat in last night's debate, just smile and let Trump sniff his way out of each whole he dug.

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