Everyone has been anticipating the new season of "American Horror Story."The theme has been a mystery to us, and still is (even after last night's premiere). Since the previews didn't show us much, we went into this episode not knowing what to expect. Personally, I loved it that it was kept hush hush. The less known made it more exciting. Even though this season is very different, in terms of how it's being told, it reminds me of season 1 (Murder House) and season 2 (Asylum). There's also a vibe of season 3 (Coven) when the rituals and animal sacrifices made an appearance.

How Season 6 is different so far

The season starts off by giving us a back story to the two main characters, Shelby and Matt. This is different from previous seasons, especially last season. Usually, we have to go a couple of episodes in in order to see what happened to these characters and how they got here. They introduced the characters well, where they didn't just throw a bunch of characters at us at once. It gives us time to get to know these characters, see their personalities, and not be overwhelmed when new characters are shown.

Who we can't wait to see

One of the things that was surprising to many was that there was no opening theme and credits at the start. This left the mystery of who is exactly starring in this series.

Little Monsters saw that Lady Gaga's name was left out of the credits last night, even though it's been confirmed by her that she is in this season (also the newly released preview for next week shows her behind Kathy Bates). Her character has been a secret and this just makes me more curious as to who she will be playing this season.

I'm also curious to see Denis O' Hare's character. Last season (Hotel), made me fall in love with his acting. I'm hoping that he has a role that showcases his talent just like the role Liz Taylor did last season. And I wouldn't be a real "American Horror Story" fan if I didn't say I wasn't excited to see what Evan Peters has in store for us this season.

There's a lot of things we don't know, but what we do know is that based on the first episode, this season is going to be intense. I don't know about you, but I jumped a few times with those jump scares. I definitely will not be watching this season with the lights off!


I'm also predicting some more marital troubles between Shelby and Matt. With his sister there, who Shelby doesn't get along with, there is definitely going to be some tension.....and that's without the ghosts and everything else going on around them. What we do know is that they're going to survive whatever happens to them, due to the present day of this documentary. However, I'm pretty sure that there is going to be some close calls and some others that won't be so lucky to make it out of this season alive.


I would highly recommend this season. Even if you haven't seen the other previous seasons, you should watch this one. It gives off a horror movie vibe and any horror fan I think would be a fan of. The mysteriousness of this season, I believe, is what is really selling this. I'm excited for next Wednesday, to see what happens next!

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