I didn’t really have a lot of interest in American Horror Story because I watched one episode of Asylum and thought it was very violent. But last season when the Hotel series started, I thought I’d give it a try because I love Lady Gaga. From the first episode and I was hooked, I loved it! The story line was so sophisticated and intriguing, it’s unlike anything on TV. The Hotel was a throwback to the 1930’s and the costumes, the characters, the actors are the finest I’ve ever seen.

Drawn in to the intrigue immediately

Each character has their own story of how they got to be the undead and somehow they all become intertwined into the world they will occupy for eternity.

The characters are both sympathetic and amusing and draw you in to their own tortured existence. I really didn’t know how the writers could possibly top the Hotel season, but when I watched the first episode of season six it drew me into its vortex of intrigue again.

Sarah Paulson’s fascinating characters

Sarah Paulson who has played a role in every season of "American Horror Story" as a psychic, an institutionalized journalist, an extremely powerful witch, a two-headed woman and a heroin-addicted ghost plays a yoga instructor. What could be more benign that an everyday mom-type character? Entertainment Weekly asked the Emmy-winning actress what her weirdest role has been. Her answer was, “I think it’s actually what I’m doing on season six,” says Paulson.

She adds, “There’s nothing extreme about her except for the situation that she’s in. So that is weirdly the weirdest thing I’ve ever done on American Horror Story.”

Cuba Gooding Jr. joins the cast

While the first episode was somewhat confusing and dyslexic, that is the beauty of "American Horror Story," trying to make sense of the senseless until it hits you.

You will love and hate the characters and empathize with them at the same time. With the addition of Cuba Gooding Jr.,after his fabulous role as O.J. Simpson, season six promises to be a roller coaster ride of intrigue, joy, disgust and elation all rolled up into one. So fasten your seatbelts, season six is bound to be one big fun house ride into unchartered territory.

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