Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India but he stays single as a bachelor and on all his trips to distant lands and the UN, he travels alone and no hostess or better half accompanying him. However, technically, Modi is a married man as he married Yoshida Behn, a Gujrati girl, when he was very young. He left her after 3 years and one is not sure whether the marriage was ever consummated. On leaving he advised her to study, which she did and retired as a teacher with a small pension some years back.

Modi and his wife

Modi never went back to his wife, neither did he divorce her. Technically he remains a married man, but as he moves around in jet set suites with all the privileges of a prime minister, his wife lives in a small house with a small pension.

She is not part of Modi's life.

Modi joned the RSS, a Hindu revivalist party as a pracharak (worker) and rose up in the hierarchy through hard work. He also completed a PG degree and educated himself. Compared to the elitist earlier prime ministers, Modi is a man with humble roots. He has a magnetic personality, that has seen him lead the BJP to a great victory in the last election.

Modi has also spent time in the USA, but a significant fact emerges that no woman entered Modi's life. He must be one of the handful of leaders who have no woman behind them. Considering that leaders like Donald Trump (married thrice) and Nehru with many affairs, Modi is a man who is a puritan. No woman is known to have entered his life at any stage. There is no women in the closet or a dark secret as well. His life is an open book, though for decades he never acknowledged that he was even married.

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The abandoned wife

Modi is a workalcholic and attends to his work 18 hours a day. Work is worship for him and that could be one reason no woman entered his life. He never had time for one. Modi's marriage was an arranged one but he probably wanted to break free. Yet, one can spare a thought for Yoshada Behen who studied, became a teacher, retired, and never married throughout her life. She remains a forlorn woman like the tradiational Indian wife, spending time in prayer.