The 2016 Presidential elections are showing the wide divide of sentiment regarding the current state of the country and its direction. The two party system seems satisfied with "pointing the finger of blame" at the opposing party to achieve a full majority in Congress and win the power grab for the Presidency. The bottom line of this strategy is that both parties truly believe that:

1. If they get the majority in Congress

2. They get the Presidency

They will be able to push through their party's legislative agenda, (whether the opposing party likes it or not) and when it solves the country's issues, they will be reelected time and time again. 

This is the agenda of both parties and the average person tends to think in the following way: "If it makes life better for me, then why not?".

But, what makes the U.S. the greatest country in the world is that the majority and the minority have equal say in which direction the country goes. The lack of compromise between the parties puts the blame solely on them but they share the blame with citizens. 


Citizens seem to believe that laws and voting are the only things that justify their citizenship responsibility, i.e., they vote on the "right" people who will make laws that will be "right" and protect everyone to allow the country to progress. In reality, the United States' government bases itself upon active citizenry that begins at the local level and rises to the federal level. Citizens self-govern in their communities by understanding the trials that it took to establish their own lives and progress and helping manage through norms and morals which stabilize life enough to tackle bigger issues.

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Simply voting for legislators and laws to solve issues gives strength to the "special interest" groups and lobbyists who have a lot of money to give to campaigns. 

The Demographics of the nation have changed.

No longer are the citizens of the country white, middle-class educated, and culturally homogeneous. Thewide diversity of cultures in the U.S. all have different viewpoints on the functions of local, state and federal governments. Many have been influenced by a strong, overly executive Federal government. Many people have been influenced to believe that the current party political environment is normal and should be tolerated--These would be incorrect conclusions. The issues of social justice are very important to the citizenry but are wrapped up in the emotional scars of the past. The conclusion is that there is no perfect solution and neither party candidate or one person has a quick answer. "Sticking to the script" and moving together at the same time is the conclusion that will win the day.  #Donald Trump #Democrats vs Republicans #Hillary Clinton