With the release of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, many digital critics have argued that #Apple is losing ground in the race against its rival #Smartphone maker. Many critics have claimed that the Galaxy 7 beats the #iPhone in a lot of key ways. Business Insider reported that the Galaxy Note 7 "has a better design than the iPhone. It has better features people will care about, like water-resistance and wireless charging. It comes with more storage than you could possibly ever use." In conclusion, Steve Kovach has claimed further that "the Note 7 is the best phone ever made."

Samsung vs Apple fans

Samsung is trying super hard by bringing out hardware features that will prove 'handy' for the Samsung masses.

Apple fans. on the other hand. are into fashion. Samsung is so Samsung. So not American. The millennials would surely go for the iPhone 7. The Note 7 is for the geeks and over-smart students (well, the geeky ones). It's aimed at people with the mentality of 'having a car to get from A to B'. It's like buying an old Toyota Corolla or a Honda for its low fuel consumption and durability.  Why do you think Dr. Dre made billions with the beat headphones? Why is Ferrari deemed better than a Porsche? That 's it. There lies the answer. It's  all in the design. The fashionable design and, mainly, it's all about the name. Name sells. Period.

iPhone as part of the pop-culture

Millennials care about two things mainly; all things tech-trendy and the latest trends in fashion. Even the non-smartphone business sector is catering for the millennials' needs in mind.

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And their need is fashion. 

Apple is part of the pop-culture. iPhone is a must-have thing.

Vogue's The September Issue (which I'm so put off with Kendal Jenner being on its cover this year) will be out in September. iPhone7 will be out in September. Why the same timing? It's the September thing. It's the month where the media, sports and fashion industries release its main trendy products. September is all thing new is released into this world. It's the time where the new year begins already.  

After all, it is all about fashion now. Even if Apple produces the iPhone 8 and so on it will still be sold in massive numbers. Even though I'm personally against Apple removing the headphone jack I would still buy it. I don't care about things like 'water-resistance' and 'a bigger screen' (I have an iPad Mini already) that the Note 7 is providing. I don't even care if SG7 (let's call it that) comes with an 'extra-sensitive' pen (I don't draw though I like the idea of coming up with a digital masterpiece one day.

But really?) or 'wireless charging' (can't say about extra phone memory storage yet).  

The Ferrari vs Porsche factor

When the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (exciting, fashionable, most liked player) was asked about Lionel Messi (timid, not-so-exciting as a person, reserved player) or him being the best soccer player in the world, he replied,  "It's like you're asking me if Ferrari is better than Porsche." I clearly remember the interview in some magazine that I've had read somewhere where it ended with the journalist's note;" Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo left in his Porsche. Not Ferrari."

Even though in my case, I've compared Porsche to Samsung and Ferrari to the iPhone, it doesn't really matter, does it? iPhone is sheek. I've owned both Samsung and Apple smartphones but I got bored with the Samsung handset in like no time. I instantly switched it to an iPhone. I have since been hooked on to the Apple gadget. I don't have to own the new iPhone 7 the same day its out but I will surely get my hand on one when the time and need comes (I'm still fashionable. I still have the iPhone 6).  

SG7 is leading and the race for the best smartphone in the world is on.

And the iPhone 7 is not even out yet.