If Hillary Clinton wins her place as the next President of the United States, what, exactly will be the official title given to Bill Clinton? For instance, what will official announcers call the couple during state dinners when the couple enters the room? President Clinton and President Clinton? Mrs. President Clinton and former President Clinton? Or Presidents Mr. and Mrs. Clinton? And instead of First Lady, will he be First Man, or First Spouse? Or will it just be plain old Bill and Hillary?

Bill suggested the title “Adam,” his pun for first man. However, the Twitter reception to this comment created a roar of laughter in tweets that said he would then “go forth and multiply.” Sorry, Bill, but you opened the door to that innuendo all by yourself with your ladies’ man reputation.

Titling Bill Clinton wouldn’t be the only problem—exactly where he’d live in the White House and what his role will be officially is anybody’s guess. Some writers have suggested they are pretty sure he wouldn’t be content with the rooms and duties of First Lady. I disagree and think he wanted Hillary to run for President for the exact reasons of obtaining access to both these same rooms and duties. Let me explain why.

Team Billary may embrace the traditional White House room setup

The President and First Lady’s rooms follow the standard of men in the West Wing and women in the East Wing. So, many are wondering if Bill will be placed to the East with its feminine tradition. Some reporters suggest he’d have a problem with this placement.

I don’t think he would. Why? Imagine when you’re in the feminine East Wing, how many more females you must come across on a daily basis. What person in his or her right mind really thinks Bill would avoid this prospective lottery ticket? Ultimately his favorite thing to do will be trolling the White House for female interns interested in talking to him, and it’s a well-known fact he’ll find more women in the East Wing.

He might find impressing them hard now, as a lot of the younger interns were just born when he was in office and probably won’t remember anything about him—but who says Bill isn’t up for the challenge?

Team Billary’s possibly letting Bill follow traditional First Lady Functions

Will Bill be functioning within traditionally female activities, like accompanying the wives of foreign leaders, planning for the state dinner activities, and other duties traditionally set for a woman?

Again, some reporters have said he’d have a problem with that role. I disagree and feel Bill would rather hang out with the wives of foreign leaders than the leaders themselves. And planning state dinners with a cast that is more likely to be female doesn’t seem like anything he’d shy away from. After all, Bill is kind of like that creepy straight guy that shows up without a woman to a usually nearly all-female Zumba class, heads right to the back to watch the show, and makes all the women uncomfortable. And even though he’s aware of the fact all the women keep looking back at him because they know exactly what he’s trying to do by being there, he thinks they’re all busy checking him out so he stays for the entire class.

Yes, I just compared Bill to that weird, clueless guy, ladies, who irritates you when you’re getting your workout groove on with your favorite Zumba instructor. And just like in that Zumba class, after planning a state dinner and ending that meeting, all the women are going to be rushing to that exit door before he starts trying to get digits.

So I have to completely disagree with the other writers that have suggested Bill Clinton would require functions different from a traditional First Lady. My guess is he will embrace the role while he’s busy trying to embrace other things.

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