The Democrats’ responsibility for Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential win are less than admirable. Given that she’s the symbol of where the party’s values stand, they’re deceptive about their traditions and flushed their care about the disadvantaged down the toilet after wiping their values not for sensitive skin but with hundred dollar bills. Hopefully they now have hives but I doubt many of them experience serious allergic reactions when it comes to pandering for cash.

And I’m not just figuratively speaking because Hillary represents the Democrats as their mouthpiece and if she’s talking, she’s lying.

In fact, if she’s awake, she’s probably busy unconsciously lying to herself because she’s still trying to act like she’s hip and back in the 90s before we knew her. It’s so awful to watch Hillary’s speeches when she does this, they should really hand out Advil and coffee at her presentations. Bill’s used to her and he can’t even stay awake through them. She’s lucky this isn’t some homecoming queen election because that school would petition to expel her, but Bill’s eyes would be wandering and he’d for sure stay awake then.

Team Billary represents the Democratic Party’s modern value-system

One thing that’s sure shaky now is whether or not Democrats truly support the causes and people that are at the very heart of their foundational values as a party.

Traditionally, they help the more blue-collar types, from the middle class to minorities and the disadvantaged. One way to answer that question is to try and figure out why there was so little competition for the unpopular Hillary Clinton becoming their nomination for president. You can thank them now that she might be the next president and many of you won’t be sending those cute, little boxed cards to them with nice messages and any more bills they can either creatively waste with numbers or recycle.

But don’t send anything inappropriate in the mail showing true reactions because then Donald Trump’s going to have another reason to scare others into thinking immigrants commit all terrorist acts when some of the largest ones in history—like Oklahoma City—were done by our own citizens. And while you won’t need coffee to watch Trump, they don’t hand out Advil at his events, either.

A recent CBS poll reveals that amongst 100% of respondents, 42% admitted they don’t follow the news, 47% stated Hillary is not honest, with a low 11% either unsure or admitting they’re crazy enough to think she is honest. What about her experience politically? As secretary of state, the department didn’t exactly rock and roll, but the Clinton Foundation seems to have benefitted dramatically due to her position by attracting some major donors.

The real reason Hillary Clinton was picked by the Democrats

And because of her ties to the Clinton Foundation and her comments, most people do not see her as a progressive Democrat—meaning one known to do things that help the disadvantaged. (Obama as the first African-American was seen progressive and that brought his initial popularity).

But Hillary, even though she could be the first female president is not perceived as caring to help other women.

So why are we stuck with her now? Unlike with the GOP, who can really claim Trump was not their first pick, the Democrats first pick was Hillary Clinton. Why? Hillary can raise big bucks and then all the Democrats benefit from her Clinton fundraising superpower. That shows about how much they care about voters and philosophy.

That’s capitalism at its finest, right? It’s real American opportunism when Hillary Clinton might be the next president because she’s a money magnet. It’s a rare day when Hillary’s got a business plan and the “skills to pay the bills” even in a way that Donald Trump might envy.

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