By every measure, #Hillary Clinton is riding high, with a bump coming from the convention and her opponent, Donald Trump, foundering from a series of unforced errors. It is, therefore, counterintuitive to call for her to withdraw from the race, but in fact, she must do so for the good of the #Democratic Party and the United States.

Townhall notes that Clinton continues to tell lies about the email servers, lies that are blatant and easily refutable. Trump got into trouble for suggesting that Russia’s Vladimir Putin should release the 30,000 emails that Clinton deleted, claiming that they were personal and not relevant to national security.

Trump’s enemies hysterically claimed that he was suborning the Russians to commit espionage, though if the emails only concerned yoga exercises and wedding plans, one wonders what the problem is.

Not only does the National Security Agency have copies of the deleted emails, but it is likely that Russian intelligence has them too. Julian Assange, whose WikiLeaks is serving as a conduit for the Russian government whenever it wants to leak embarrassing information, has hinted that more emails are coming out that will impeach Clinton’s fitness for office.

Clinton’s ultimate fate largely depends on whether Putin wants to destroy her before the election or use the secrets she left so indiscreetly exposed as leverage. The former case would be an embarrassment for Clinton and the Democratic Party, ensuring Donald Trump’s election to the presidency.

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The latter would turn the Democratic candidate into a real life version of the Manchurian Candidate. A second President Clinton would essentially be a puppet for Putin’s Russia.

The United States cannot abide with having a chief executive who is not an independent agent. Putin’s Russia is bent on reestablishing the Soviet Empire, a development that would be catastrophic for the United States and the world.

Also, eventually, the fact that Clinton has been compromised will lead inevitably to her impeachment. Not even Senate Democrats, who have tolerated President Obama’s various violations of the Constitution, could abide with that.

Therefore, to avoid an end that might have come from the pen of Shakespeare, Hillary Clinton should withdraw from the presidential race. Sen. Tim Kaine can replace her as the Democratic candidate. Should he be elected Kaine would provide relief from the relentless partisanship that has featured the Obama years. #VladimirPutin