Donald Trump plans to build a wall to halt immigration coming in from Mexico to curb some of the illegal activity that border crossing can bring. Trump’s been forcefully declaring that not only is this wall getting built, but Mexico is paying for it. While speaking about it in America, he’s promoted himself as a tough guy that can strong arm. But he never bothered to learn about the government and life in Mexico or what’s tough to them, or how they might feel about all of Trump’s stereotypical insults.

So Trump’s “tough guy” dedication to forcing Mexico to pay for the wall lasted as long as he was in America.

Once in Mexico and the president’s residence, he stayed one hour and didn’t mention he wanted them to fund things. If this foreshadows how Trump acts as a president, he acted like a politician making promises and accomplishing nothing. But he may have realized he needs to read those memos about how certain foreign countries work and probably got a message from the country he visited about who’s better at threatening.

Did Trump have a plan?

Now, exactly how Donald Trump planned he’d bully Mexico into completing a massively unpopular costly action seems like a strange death wish. For Mexico both funding and building the wall would completely destabilize the economy and government. Something tells me Mexico won’t commit that level of governmental suicide for Trump, as much as they might love Elmer Fudd’s, I mean, Trump’s, take on guns.

They aren’t afraid of rich white men trying to bully them, either, since they have a reputation for knowing how to handle that type of problem. They’ve got more than enough, as Trump called it, “second amendment type people” there, too.

Trump, before he came for the visit, probably overlooked the fact Mexico doesn’t appreciate particular types of elitist racist comments, or people that want to take away jobs from their own, or a guy that wants to cut off a huge source of income and threaten them into building it.

That’s about as insane as a pampered tycoon thinking he could go into Mexico and really scare their president into funding the wall.

The news conference

In the news conference that followed, Trump mentioned they did discuss the wall, but not who would pay for it, verifying he didn’t discuss the purpose of the visit Nieto was criticized by his own for allowing Trump into Mexico so he probably doesn’t want to get his point across to Trump ever again.

In fact, Nieto didn’t talk about the wall with the press. As he was concerned he got his message across and no wall will ever exist, so it wasn’t worth the words. Trump concluded the meeting by saying it went great. So well, in fact, he didn’t accomplish his purpose and was gone in less than sixty minutes still in one piece.

Nieto, however, contracted Trump and stated once Trump left that from the first point of the meeting he said his country will not pay for a wall. After all, Nieto did mention previously his people do not appreciate Trump’s comments or the policies, and he doesn’t seem intimidated in the slightest into starting to pay for the wall.

In response Trump’s called Nieto a liar and acting tough now he’s back in America.

By the way, calling leaders liars diplomatically predicts how he might be as president and doesn’t inspire others to take on massive projects that would hurt their country. But it does help you avoid going back to Mexico since calling the Mexican president names means he’s probably not inviting you back, and that’s what Donald Trump wants. Trump’s using insults to try to act tough but he is in fact so (not) tough he wants to avoid returning via immature insults.

And the Republicans hoped this would make him look presidential and like he could get the job done.

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